Digital Photographic Art

What is Digital Photographic Art?

It’s my never-ending quest to find new ways to present photography.

While traveling, I rarely have time to wait for that “perfect shot.”

I used to say, “oh, I’ll just come back later.”
But that never seemed to happen.

Now, I strive to create the best possible image with what I see before me.

. . .

Digital Photographic Art in the Digital Darkroom

Clouds, rain, harsh sunlight, a lack of contrast and distracting elements are all just obstacles to be embraced. With proper framing and a little exposure planning, I usually can walk away with an image ripe for a journey to my digital darkroom.

The before and after


Peek Inside My Digital Darkroom

The photo is only a starting point. 

Using masks and layers, I can bring out all the hidden potential of a photograph. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making the shot pop; other times, I create an entirely new scene.

One thing I don’t do is change the actual content of the image.

It’s important to me that what I saw in my viewfinder is what you see on your screen. That means no removing people, brushing away distractions or inserting things that weren’t there.

Oh, and I don’t do HDR.

This is what I do…

What else does Digital Photographic Art look like?

Placemat. | a photographic c-print at 30x42"
In The Symmetry Project, I combined traditional collage techniques with a digital canvas to create something completely new.

Before and after
Before and after


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