Watch my National Geographic TV Show

It is with great pride that I present Get Lost in Korea:
my National Geographic Channel TV show.

It’s the world’s first reality TV show to star a Travel Blogger.


Get Lost in Korea tells a story of exploration, photography, blogging and friendship.

You can expect a mix of humor, tradition, adventure and stunning imagery; as I team up with Jesse Day: a Canadian entertainer who lives in Seoul and raps in Korean.

Highlights include me catching and eating a live octopus, attending an exorcism and learning zen martial arts from monks.

Now, I invite you to sit back, click “full-screen” and enjoy the show.


Did you watch it? Are you wondering…

How much of Get Lost in Korea was scripted?


Everything was improvised and spontaneous.

That said, there was a general plan for each scene and Jesse and I often received basic directions before the camera rolled. These included:

  • Be more excited
  • Make jokes; laugh more
  • Talk about what you see
  • Mention the history of the area
  • Go talk to that guy


A prime example of “go talk to that guy” was the octopus scene.

The day before, our director had met the fisherman and arranged for us to work with him.

When Jesse and arrived, our instructions were simply to “stumble upon a fisherman and let him teach us the art of octopus catching.”

Everything you saw in the mud flats and in his house was completely real and unscripted.


My view while filming the octopus scene of Get Lost in Korea
My view while filming the octopus scene of Get Lost in Korea

Will there be more episodes?

As of right now: no.

Get Lost in Korea was a one-time single-episode show.

That said, I truly believe that if you trust your heart and follow your passions, opportunities will present themselves.

So, if anyone out there needs me for anything… :)


Jesse and me dancing at an exorcism
Jesse and me dancing at an exorcism

How did I get the job?

In 2012, Samsung hired me to present my work as a travel photographer at Photokina: the world’s largest photo trade fair.

While there, I befriended Davee: a rep for National Geographic Channel Korea.

One day, she casually mentioned a project that might happen in 2013; and asked if I was interested.


Knowing nothing else, I immediately replied, “of course. Whatever it is, I’m in.”

Nine months later, I arrived in Seoul to film Get Lost in Korea.


For the whole story, check out this post.


The main throne hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea
The main throne hall of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

Were my photos featured in the show?


Get Lost in Korea frequently uses my images to transition between scenes; or to show what I’m seeing through my lens

Any still image you see in the show is one of my photographs.


Click here for a selection of my
favorite photos from South Korea


A monk demonstrates the zen martial art of Sunmudo
A monk demonstrates the zen martial art of Sunmudo

What was my favorite part of filming?

What I loved most were all of the amazing local experiences.

Whenever I leave home, I always try to meet locals, learn about their culture and get off the beaten path.

However, Get Lost in Korea provided opportunities that solo-travel never could.


Here are a few of my favorite experiences from filming.


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Can You Help Me Spread the Word?

I am so excited and proud of the show that I want to tell the entire world about it.

Any likes, tweets, +’s or social media goodness you can spare is VERY much appreciated!


Thanks so much for watching and have a beautiful day!

  • Love it Greg!

  • Hey Greg! Great show. I enjoyed watching it and laughed hard during your martial arts training. ahahaha

    • Haha, yeah, that was a special scene to film :) Thanks so much for watching!

  • Congratulations Greg! Great job — you are a natural on camera! :)

    • Thanks Raymond. I really appreciate your kind words.

  • Eric Tilton

    Greg! This is awesome! I especially like the Roosevelt Island, NYC Tee-Shirt in the show! Phi Phi brother.

    • Hey Eric, thanks man! So glad you were able to watch the show. Hope all is well with you. As for the Tee-shirt, I actually had it designed about 8 years ago for my Roosevelt Island merchandise store:

  • This is awesome. Just want to say (around the 5 minute mark) that partying in Cocoon Night Club is THE place to be in Hongdae. Enjoyed also learning about places that I had not even been to during my two years there. It is a small country but there is SO MUCH to see! :)

  • So glad that I can watch it here! I totally forgot to set the DVR up to record it in case I forgot the day/time…Can’t wait to watch. :)

  • Johnny Lax

    I love the stairs part.Damn funny!

    • Haha, yeah… funny to watch… bloody to film :) Thanks for your comment!

  • Great video + website. Totally unique. Sharing this!


    • Thanks so much, Robb. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed :)

  • Wicked. I plan to hit the dusty trail soon. Destination: everywhere. lol.
    I think we share some of the same passions. I plan to hit the road and creating a big of scenic video-compilations from each destination. Should be fun. I’m shooting 18mm, but thinking I may want something a bit wider, what is your widest lens, that I see you are using in some of your shots on your homepage?

    • Congrats on your upcoming journey. The video project sounds awesome. Do you have a Web site that you will be posting it on? As for your question, most wide shots on the site were made with either a 10mm (cropped sensor), 14mm (full frame) or a fisheye.

      • – Hey thanks. Yeah, Not much there yet, but when I take off, I will post consistently (hopefully).
        I am shooting the canon 70d with the Sigma 18-35 1.8, but the look on my most recent vid isn’t what I wanted, I guess I was hoping for slightly wider. Thought 18 would do the trick, but no lol. Here is my latest video on my YT channel You can delete these links later if you wish.

        Most video that I would shoot with a wide angle lens (if I bought one), would only require a small aperture for daytime scenic shots, and also I’d be shooting with a glidecam.
        Anyway, I’m boring you. That’s my story lol

  • This is amazing show.