San Francisco Bay Sunset Cruise Photography

San Francisco is well known for it’s fog.

Almost every day around sunset, the San Francisco sky turns white and the temperature drops a solid 20 degrees. In fact, most residents leave their homes in the morning with an extra jacket or sweater.

While on a Red and White Fleet Sunset Cruise around the San Francisco Bay, I was treated to a beautiful display of sunset fog. As my wife, Carrie, and I enjoyed a romantic evening, I snapped these shots.

Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk from below
A foggy boat ride on the Red and White fleet’s sunset cruise brought Carrie and I right underneath a halfway fogged in Golden Gate Bridge right at the tail end of the blue hour.
Leaving Alcatraz - Heading North
A more rare view of The Rock, this shot is of the Northern side of Alcatraz that faces away from San Francisco.
Mountainous Peeking
The sun sets on the hills of Marin County, as seen on a sunset cruise on the Red and White Fleet boats from Pier 43 1/2.