A Rant on Social Media and Web Hosting


A few weeks ago, I wrote a rant on social media.

My facebook Page

Then my server suffered a catastrophic crash that resulted in the site being offline for days and then being reverted to a month-old draft. Of course, I had written the social media rant in WordPress, and not in Microsoft Word, so I lost my only copy. Gaaarh!

So once again I find myself sitting down to write my thoughts on how I use social media to promote Adventures of a GoodMan. Normally, I might just have let the post slide through the cracks, but I promised my friend, Anthony over at Quality logo Products, Inc. that I’d give him a primer of my workflow, so here we go again :)


My workflow for a new post goes something like this:

My Twitter page


Then, it’s on to social media

When I started doing Web design in 1996, that’s where the story would have ended. Today, it’s just the beginning. I now have to immediately

  1. Put up a snippet and link on my Facebook fan page
  2. Tweet about the post
  3. Set up Twitter tweets every few months for the next year+
  4. Make sure everything looks good on RSS
  5. Upload a favorite image to flickr and 500px along with a link
  6. Promote the post on Google+

My Google+ photo gallery

* * *

I would say I spend a solid week promoting each post before I let it go onto autopilot. Really, social media has become a full-time job. Sure, it’s great getting feedback, but sometimes I miss the good ole days when if you posted quality content, people would find it.

I won’t even go into all the other social media platforms that I don’t use, and all the other ways that I could and should be promoting each post.

Anyone want a job as my assistant? :)