5 Reasons Why Turkey is a Photographer’s Delight

A Note From Greg: Turkey is by far one of my favorite countries. Spanning two continents, it’s full of ancient ruins, modern cities, breathtaking landscapes and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Now, my friend Jennifer has written in with five wonderful ways to photography Turkey. Take it away, Jen…


Whether you’re traveling through the bustling streets of the capital city of Istanbul, across the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, or along the stunning Antalya Coast, holidays in Turkey are a photographer’s dream.

So, if you’ve got an eye for beautiful scenery, here are five reasons you’ll want to take your camera along to this country. You’ll find everything from Byzantine architecture to sun-bleached beaches on a Turkish odyssey!


The Ayasuluk Castle in Selcuk, Turkey
The Ayasuluk Castle in Selcuk, Turkey

Capture the Spectacular Colors of the Grand Bazaar

Sure the whole concept of taking photos of a market place is somewhat trite, but the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is not your average market.

The dizzying colors, lights, and shadows are certain to produce some wondrous photos. With over 4,000 shops and up to 400,000 daily visitors, the market’s covered streets offer a lifetime of shots to a photographer.


Lanterns for sale in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar.
Lanterns for sale in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

Photograph the Ancient Wonders at Ephesus

For those looking to photograph the ancient ruins of Turkey, the site of Ephesus features some of the world’s best-preserved Greek and Roman ruins, and includes such wondrous photo opportunities as the Library of Celsus, the Temple of Hadrian, and the Greek theatre. These unique and intricate pieces of architecture are certain to produce vivid photos.


Looking up at the Library of Celsus at Ephesus
Looking up at the Library of Celsus at Ephesus

Snap Pics of Dramatic Landscapes like Arykanda

The ruins of Arykanda are spectacular for their important historical significance.

This Lycian city’s terraced layout in the mountains near Antalya provides a striking opportunity for photographers to play with depth and perspective. The building houses a bath complex, gymnasium, and odeon – these ancient features are not to be missed.


Ruins of Arykanda - Photograph by William Neuheisel
Ruins of Arykanda – Photograph by William Neuheisel

Take Mesmerizing Photos of Lycian Rock Tombs

Scattered throughout southern Turkey’s Antalya Coast are a variety of Lycian rock tombs that have been carved directly from the rock-face of cliffs and outcrops.

These tombs are well worth a photographer’s time, as they comprise a variety of natural rock colors that blend in with the rugged landscape, allowing the eye to constantly discover something new in the scene.


My darling wife, Carrie, at the Tlos Ruins in Fethiye
My darling wife, Carrie, at the Tlos Ruins in Fethiye

Discover the Otherworldly “Cotton Castle” at Hierapolis

The natural hardening process of hardening calcite minerals at Hierapolis has had a strange and unique effect across the area’s travertine terraces, which appear from a distance to be covered in snow or cotton. This odd landscape gives photographers a chance to be playful, and take some otherworldly pictures that might appear more like still from a sci-fi movie than from a trip to Turkey.

Photographers breathe life into locations across the globe, and Turkey is a place that evokes a special kind of wonder and emotion. Consider a visit whether you want to create future travel memories, inspire people to travel, or encourage them to start taking photos.

Begin planning your visit to Turkey’s most photo-friendly locations, and you’ll soon be snapping your way through wonders both ancient and new.


Pamukkale Hot Springs in Denizli Province, Turkey
Pamukkale Hot Springs in Denizli Province, Turkey

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