ABOUT THIS POST: Since spending my fourth birthday atop the Eiffel Tower, I have been completely in love with Paris. I frequently long to return … especially as an adult, and with my dSLR. In the mean time, I asked my friend Jack to write a little post about what to do in Paris. Here is what he wrote:”


The Eiffel Tower — photography by Moyan Brenn
The Eiffel Tower — photography by Moyan Brenn

Welcome to Paris, France

When you hit Paris on vacation you can kiss playing slots at the mobile online casino goodbye. The city has too many activities for one to do that you will just not find the time. Even a commute is an event on its own.

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The list of things to do includes going to all the places of interest on the city. This is a task that is harder than it sounds. Paris is brimming with the culture, as previously mentioned. It is also the home to a wealth of European history.


A view of Paris from atop Notre Dame Cathedral — photography by Moyan Brenn
A view of Paris from atop Notre Dame Cathedral — photography by Moyan Brenn

Museums, Cathedrals and Other Buildings In Paris

There several museums in the city. Each of the museums is dedicated to a particular facet of the culture. Even the houses in Paris are museums with historic significance. The most famous museum in the city is Louvre which houses art from most of the renowned artists. This is the museum where the Mona Lisa is on display.

Other public access buildings worth visiting are the cathedrals. The churches hold as much wealth in terms of art as the museums. There are other “livelier” places to visit when in Paris if the sophistication it offers is not your thing or you are looking for a change. There are very trendy night clubs that will offer a change from the theatre and fun city tours.

There is also Disney Paris. The attraction is a destination of choice for many who are young at heart. Themed rides will keep you at the amusement park all day long.

We intentionally didn’t mention the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Managing to come back from Paris without visiting the iconic monument is an actual feat in its self.


The Paris skyline at sunset — photography by Moyan Brenn
The Paris skyline at sunset — photography by Moyan Brenn