James Bond’s and MI6 Headquarters – Vauxhall Cross in London, England

For 33 years, James Bond’s MI6 was based out of the London Parliament building.

However, 1995’s GoldenEye found 007 face to face with a new M in a new building: Vauxhall Cross.

. . .

Random Facts About MI6 Headquarters:

  • Located at 85 Albert Embankment, the can be found in southwest London on the shores of the River Thames and next to Vauxhall Bridge.
  • The building was completed in 1994.
  • Within the intelligence community, the building is sometimes refered to as Legoland and Babylon-on-Thames
  • Legoland has been attacked three times: twice in James Bond films (The World is Not Enough and Skyfall) and once in real life when someone shot an anti-tank missile at it causing only superficial damage.
  • When Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher agreed to purchase the building in 1988, MI6’s existence had not yet been officially acknowledged. This is especially funny, as James Bond had been working for them for more than 30 years.

Another random fact: I have the second oldest James Bond fan site on the Internet. It’s called Universal Exports  and I’ve been running it since 1996.