Follow your passion and heart. Success will follow.

I’m Greg Goodman
dad • artist •
husband • entrepreneur

I can trace the journey of my adult life into three distinct eras. All of them are chronicled on this website.

Photographic Storyteller

For a decade, my wife and I bounced between traveling, living abroad, moving home, working, saving, and doing it all again.

Along the way, I shared photos and stories from our adventures — simply because it made me and other people happy.

That approach to life attracted success – culminating in a National Geographic TV show about my life as a travel blogger.

Business Owner

As a kid sitting at grandpa’s old wooden desk, I dreamed of being a “businessman.” Today, I run a one-man marketing and web design agency that helps small business owners SOAR.

Goodman Creatives allows Carrie and me to own a home, take care of our kids, and live the life of our dreams. And, it keeps me chained to a desk.

Paradigm Shifter

Today, I’m combining these worlds to create a new reality. A reality that’s free of financial shackles. A place where we can all follow our hearts and find success.

I also dedicate myself to radical honesty on social media, giving voice to the internal struggles we all face — but seldom talk of.

A Journey Awaits

Adventures of a GoodMan is the graphic novel of my life and the next chapter is still being written.

Here are 4 good places to start your journey.


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Greg Goodman - Photographic Storytelling - a Journey Awaits     

Always remember your priorities. ❤ ...

Most online business owners share a common set of dreams⁣

✅ Work from anywhere⁣
✅ Earn passive income⁣
✅ Set your own schedule⁣
✅ Be your own boss⁣
✅ Get more family time⁣
✅ Live your dream life⁣


Success takes time and consistency⁣

Living the dream doesn’t happen overnight – regardless of what “proven system or offer” you choose. ⁣

Do you have the financial cushion to jump right in and make your online biz your only income source? ⁣

Or, does this need to be a side hustle while you get started?⁣

There's one thing I can tell you with 100% certainty.⁣

The world is online … and it’s not going back⁣

The isolation of Covid has unified our world via social media. ⁣

More than ever, people want to support people and brands they know, like, and trust. ⁣

Now is the time to reevaluate everything. ⁣
Life. ⁣
Business. ⁣

How can you consciously create what comes next?⁣

That's what I want to help you discover.⁣

At Goodman Creatives, I help conscious entrepreneurs create their dream business with a mix of online marketing, personal branding, web design, funnels, and 1-1 coaching.⁣

Want to learn more? ⁣
DM me or type #more in the comments⁣

~Greg Goodman

Getting more leads while doing less work is the dream of any business owner.⁣

Whether you sell services, products, ideas, hopes, dreams, or anything else, you need leads. ⁣

That's step 1 to getting more clients, sales, and revenue.⁣

More importantly, leads are what help you make an impact with your business. ⁣

More leads = more time to focus on other things. ⁣

However, before going out and getting leads, you need to establish a foundation.⁣

Here are 8 powerful steps you can take to start getting more leads for your business.⁣

1️⃣ Be clear on your dream client⁣

2️⃣ Choose realistic marketing channels⁣

3️⃣ Plan a new website⁣

4️⃣ Run Google Ads and Facebook Ads⁣

5️⃣ Share your authentic story⁣

6️⃣ Automate your sales and marketing⁣

7️⃣ Create a personal brand⁣

8️⃣ Focus on yourself for a change⁣


6 Nutty Facts to Make You Appreciate Squirrels⁣

Squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow. ⁣

A squirrel's front teeth never stop growing. ⁣

Squirrels may lose 25 percent of their buried food to thieves.⁣

They zigzag to escape predators.⁣

Squirrels may pretend to bury a nut to throw off potential thieves.⁣

A newborn squirrel is about an inch long.⁣


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Most online business owners share a common set of dreams

✅ Work from anywhere
✅ Earn passive income
✅ Set your own schedule
✅ Be your own boss
✅ Get more family time
✅ Live your dream life


Success takes time and consistency

Living the dream doesn’t happen overnight – regardless of what “proven system or offer” you choose.

Do you have the financial cushion to jump right in and make your online biz your only income source?

Or, does this need to be a side gig while you get started?

There's one thing I can tell you with 100% certainty.

The world is online … and it’s not going back

The isolation of Covid has unified our world via social media.

More than ever, people want to support people and brands they know, like, and trust.

Now is the time to reevaluate everything.

How can you consciously create what comes next?

That's what I want to help you discover.

At Goodman Creatives, I help conscious entrepreneurs create their dream business with a mix of online marketing, personal branding, web design, funnels, and 1-1 coaching.

Want to learn more?
DM me or type #more in the comments

~Greg Goodman

Zaaaappp --- far away rumbling and a briefly lit sky⁣

boom. ⁣
flash. ⁣
far away.⁣

Flash. ⁣
Getting Closer.⁣

Dry lightning storms are a pretty common occurrence in New York City, though the bolts are usually pretty far off in the distance. ⁣

However, on the night of June 8, 2008, I watched in awe as Mother Nature painted the sky just outside my window with a light show of bright white lines and dark blue clouds.⁣

Maybe I Should Go Outside!⁣

After spending a while shooting from my living room window on Roosevelt Island, I grabbed my tripod and remote shutter and headed down to the riverside for a different and closer angle.⁣

Thunder boomed in the distance and lightning bolts lit up the skies above the Big Alice Con Edison power plant and Queensboro Bridge – a mere few hundred feet from where my wife, Carrie, and I stood.⁣


JOIN US -- We are a community of conscious entrepreneurs and business owners inspiring each other to grow and prosper. ⁣

This group is a safe space to learn, ask questions, connect, and collaborate with like-minded people.⁣

Inside, you'll find trainings, DIY guides, videos, workbooks, and a host of other inspirational resources on:⁣

✅ Online Marketing⁣
✅ Web Design⁣
✅ Personal Branding⁣
✅ Automated Funnels⁣
✅ Paid Ads (Google, FB, etc)⁣
✅ Getting more leads without being "salesy"⁣

Entrepreneurship is seeing a problem and coming up with a way to help someone solve it. ⁣

Even if someone never becomes a client, their life should be made better by your existence. ⁣

That’s how you succeed in online marketing … by creating inspirational, authentic content that gets people to know, like, and trust you.⁣

I'm thrilled to have you here and I can't wait to connect and follow along on your entrepreneurial journey.⁣


✅ Online Business Owners⁣
✅ Conscious Entrepreneurs⁣
✅ Affiliate & Network Marketers⁣
✅ Coaches & Healers⁣
✅ Artists, Authors & Creatives⁣
✅ Organic Facebook Marketers⁣
✅ Freelancers & Digital Nomads⁣
✅ Truthsayers⁣
✅ YOU!⁣


When you travel, it’s a safe bet that you wind up on hundreds of other peoples cameras. 🤣🙏 ...

She’s here!!! It’s been 14 months - by far the longest I’ve gone in my life without seeing my mom in person. So grateful for this amazing being of light 🙏🌈❤️

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How much money do you need to finance the life of your dreams?⁣

Do you know the lifetime value of a new client or sale?⁣

What about a clear breakdown of your monthly expenses?⁣

These are just some of the questions I ask business owners when they book a Q&A call with me.⁣

In case you don't know, I run Goodman Creatives — a marketing, web design, and personal branding agency with one employee (me!)⁣

Usually, the response is, "I have no idea!"⁣


Until you have clarity on your lifestyle numbers, it's impossible to set a marketing budget.⁣

To start, open up a spreadsheet and your credit card statements and figure out how much it costs just to be you. ⁣

Here are 15 key areas to focus on ... ⁣

Housing - rent, mortgage, upkeep, housekeepers ... ⁣

Utilities - internet, phone, gas, electric ... ⁣

Insurances of all types - home, car, medical, business ... ⁣

Transportation or car expenses - loan payments, registration, gas, bus fare ... ⁣

Food - because organic ain't cheap ⁣

Emergency funds - for when life gets a little kooky ⁣

Entertainment and travel - keeping sane at home and getting out there ⁣

Gifts - if you like giving them, you gotta pay for them! ⁣

Clothes and accessories - how much does it cost to keep you styling? ⁣

Personal development - hiring coaches, gym memberships, and taking care of YOU ⁣

App subscriptions and recurring memberships - Netflix, Spotify, everything on your phone ... ⁣

Taxes - if you are a freelancer or online business owner, make sure to save for Uncle Sam ⁣

Retirement - if you're not getting a 401k, you can always do IRAs or other investments to work up that nest egg ⁣

General Savings - kids college funds, big home improvements, that shiny thing you really want ... ⁣

Business expenses - what people, services, marketing, etc do you pay for each month⁣


100% of people who finish reading this sentence will have read 13 words and 3 numbers. ...

Meet Ben Barbic – realtor by day, music star by night.⁣

Ben is one of those amazing people who took a chance, left his comfort zone and followed his dream.⁣

But, how does he balance family life and traditional responsibilities with this noble goal of living his passion?⁣

I had the chance to photograph and interview @benbarbic back in 2015. Here's a highlight ...⁣

t’s crazy – for a while I was completely hidden in my different worlds.⁣

I had an alias for my music and never mentioned my musical side to clients in real estate at work. ⁣

Then, about 2 years ago, I decided that basically I am who I am.⁣

The more I put myself out there, the more I will attract the type of people who respect both the hats I wear. ⁣

I’m just me. ⁣


So whether it’s making a song, performing or anything else I do, I give it all I have. ⁣

There is pure authenticity in my music: and when I work on anything else too. I bring the same energy.⁣

Sometimes it’s actually funny; because I can see people’s prejudgment when I meet them in a work setting. ⁣

They have this image of me and I feel the energy and really think to myself, “I can’t wait to expose more of myself to this person.”⁣


Successful websites make your marketing work better.⁣⁣⁣

When people choose a business to support, they want to know your story. ⁣⁣⁣

A website is the best place to tell it. ⁣⁣⁣

Once there, visitors can become immersed in your brand experience. ⁣⁣⁣

Compliment their journey with strong CTAs and a clear path to becoming a client.⁣

⁣⁣The goal is to get your leads off social media or Google and onto a place that guides their customer journey.⁣⁣⁣

A website can be as simple or complex as you need, as long as it answers these questions:⁣⁣⁣

1️⃣ What problem are you solving for the visitor?⁣⁣⁣

2️⃣ How do you weave in your story and personal brand?⁣⁣⁣

3️⃣ How do your images, words, videos, and design create a personal connection?⁣⁣⁣

4️⃣ How easy is it for someone to become a reach out or stay in touch?⁣⁣

Where are you working from today?

I’m at my favorite coworking space - the Satellite Felton ❤️🌈👨‍💻

5 Common Marketing Mistakes and how to fix them⁣

Marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. ⁣

So do common marketing mistakes! ⁣
» Paid ads⁣
» Organic FB marketing⁣
» Websites⁣
» Google⁣
» SEO⁣
» Personal branding⁣
» Funnels⁣
...... the list goes on. ⁣

Most business owners understand that marketing is an essential part of growing their business. ⁣

However, those same business owners often express frustration at previous marketing failures.A⁣

s the owner of a digital marketing agency, I've heard so many stories about failed marketing.⁣

From those, I came up with a list of 5 must-know tips for successfully promoting your business.⁣

1. Don't invest in marketing until you have clarity on your dream client and niche ⁣

2. Don't spend your whole marketing budget on a website -- leave enough for paid ads⁣

3. Don't try to manage Google Ads and SEO yourself - let an expert get the results you need⁣

4. Don't talk about yourself until your dream client knows you understand THEM⁣

5. Don't choose more marketing channels than you can keep up with⁣

Want to know more?⁣
Check out the article.⁣

I get really excited about a lot of things.⁣

Most recently, I was regaling my mom with all the reasons why I LOVE my new online educational platform.⁣

In addition to leveling-up my business world, it's helped me go SO deep internally. ⁣

I've only been a part of it for the past few months -- and it's the best thing I've done for my personal growth since spending a month in the Amazon doing plant medicine in 2014.⁣

It's been epic, to say the least.⁣

And, true to form, my mom replied with a simple, yet incredibly powerful bit of advice ...⁣

In the middle of all the excitement, just remember to breathe.⁣

So wise, mom. So wise!⁣

Thank you thank you thank you mom, for being you!⁣

Love you!⁣
~ Gregory⁣

PS -- if you want to know about the platform, please reply #transformation in the comments⁣

Or, just DM me directly.

Happy Monday! ⁣

What are you going to accomplish this week?

After an uncomfortable night sleeping in our rental car, Carrie and I resumed our drive down the Oregon coast just after sunrise.⁣

With the early-morning light shining through the trees of Highway 101, she spotted a turnoff and pulled in so I could snap a photo.⁣

We never could have imagined the stunning sight that awaited us…⁣

Sometimes it pays to get up early!⁣

(photo taken during a 2013 road trip down the Oregon coast)

We have more than 60,000 thoughts each day⁣
90% of them are repeats.⁣

Stale patterns.⁣

Outdated beliefs.⁣

Broken records.⁣

Shame. Guilt. Fear.⁣

Planning. Remembering. Dreaming.⁣

Loving. Laughing. Singing.⁣

54,000 times a day.⁣

What thoughts are you ready to release?

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