Hi. My name is Greg Goodman

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Above all else, I believe that if you following your heart and passion, opportunities will present themselves. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to exploring our beautiful world and sharing the journey. 

We live in a magical world

Our world is full of kindness, contrast, diversity, beauty, symmetry and oneness. From here to there, we all have the same basic needs and responsibilities. They only look different the farther you get from home.

My dream is to unite our global community through photographic storytelling. By presenting visions of everyday life around the world, we can begin to deconstruct stereotypes and understand that all people are one.

This is my story…

Moonwalking at the Taj MahalOnce upon a time, I worked behind a stuffy desk and longed for my two weeks of annual vacation time. Finally, I took a leap of faith.

My girlfriend, Carrie, was volunteering in Nicaragua. I quit my job, sold my stuff, and joined her.

My plan was to visit for two weeks; I stayed seven months.

In the years since, we have traveled near and far, lived in the USA and Thailand, supported each other’s dreams and said “I do!”

This brings me back to my belief about following your passions.

I’ll admit it, sometimes my life exists in a tug-of-war between two worlds. On one hand, I love the stability and comfort of a traditional life.

The Goodman family at Mt. ShastaYet, I also love spending my days creating photographic art, writing stories, designing websites, putting myself out there and seeing what comes of it.

That’s why balance is so important.

Carrie and I now live in Santa Cruz, California, where we have an amazing son named Bodhi and are enjoying every moment of life. Meanwhile, I started my own company – Goodman Creatives – which is dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses follow their dreams and succeed.

Having stability doesn’t mean sacrificing my passions. If anything, it allows me the freedom to continue pursuing them.


Career Highlights

My photographic work has been featured in galleries, magazines, books, TV shows, airports, Web sites, newspapers, trade shows, office lobbies, private collections and exhibitions around the world.

These are a few of my favorite accomplishments:

  • National Geographic Channel filmed a documentary about my experiences as a photographer and travel blogger. » You can watch it here
  • Samsung hired me to present my life’s work at their booth during Photokina – the world’s largest photo trade fair. » You can read the whole story here
  • The Sydney Airport commissioned my photography to hang in an exhibition in the International Terminal.

Enough about me … I want to get to know YOU!

What are your passions?
Where was your favorite vacation?
Can I see some of your photography?
Hanging out with monks at Ta Phrom in Angkor, Cambodia

I love meeting people and cherish the friendships that have formed through this site, so, please find me on Facebook and say hi!

Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful day: wherever you are.

Greg Goodman - Photographic Storyteller
Greg Goodman