Bubbles … horsies … choo-choo trains … and a big surprise.

We take so many of our experiences for granted. As time passes, even those things you once considered incredible become a part of the ho-hum

But not for my soon-to-be-three son, Bodhi.

That kid lives life to the fullest – taking every moment in with awe, wonder, curiosity, and joy. He also is a beautiful reminder to take a step back and appreciate the amazingness of everything around us.

Since 2018 was all about family, who better to narrate my annual “year in photos” post than Bodhi Bear himself.

Can we go outside now?

I live with mama and dada in Santa Cruz

We visited Grandma in New York City

I drove an ATV in Montana.

This is my life.

Oh yeah, and, um, so …

My Brother or Sister is coming real soon.

Our two kids

Happy 2019!