Is it possible to organize a year into categories?

As I sort through a year of photos, choosing my favorites becomes a Herculean task. How can we possibly arrange 365 days of entertaining events and magical moments?

If my goal is to create a carefully curated collection of images, how can I choose? When Carrie and I were traveling, it was simple. I would pick a few dozen of my best fine art photos.

Landmarks. Sunsets. Natural beauty. A cute photo of the two of us in an epic place. Most photos would link to a story on this website. And that was that.

Now, we’re homebound. Living the good life in the Santa Cruz Mountains with our two kids (Bodhi and Luna), a dog named Falcor, a cat named Spotted, 17 chickens, and two ducks.

That’s a ton to photograph … just in my own backyard! A rainbow of photo opps. A kaleidoscope of colors. So, rather than placing abstract labels like “location, season, or even subject” on this collection, I’ve decided to go a bit more abstract.

So, without further ado, here they are …

A rainbow of photos from 2021.


Like a rainbow, life is full of colorful moments …

Any limitations are self-imposed.

We can choose to follow the rules or make our own.

That sounds like a life worth living to me!


Chase the light …
embrace the shadows.

I came up with that phrase for my new online course: From Taking Photos to Making Memories

It’s true for both life and photography.

It’s also my new mantra.

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