A Note From Greg: Finding a secluded village is a travel’s dream come true. It gives you a chance to get to know the locals in a way that few others do. It’s also an amazing opportunity for travel photography. Now, to help you find one of these magical places, my friend Olivia offers these five great tips. Take it away, Olivia…

The world got smaller only because right now it doesn’t mean anything just to sit in the plane and fly to whichever part of the world you wish. However, precisely because of this modern trend, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find places where the natural scenery is not blocked by large buildings and masses of annoying other tourists who are just blocking the views.

However, there are still places where you can feel like discoverers. This time, we tell about the world’s five most remote towns, which attract travelers by their tranquility and spectacular views.


The Bay-Yo Rice Terraces in Bontoc, Mountain Province, Cordilleras, Philippines
The Bay-Yo Rice Terraces in Bontoc, Mountain Province, Cordilleras, Philippines

Praying hands protecting from the snow

Shirakawa city in Japan was established in the river valley between high mountains. The settlement is famous for its unique architecture. All the houses that are here, the total number of 114, were built using the infamous traditional Japanese architectural style of Gassho- zukuri. The most famous feature of this style is pointy roofs which reminiscent of praying human hands.

Such construction prevents buildings from heavy snow, which, during the winter here, is really a lot. For some reason, once the sun is set, Shirakawa a little bit reminds of Lapland, so naturally this amazing town got a nickname of Asian Lapland.



Nearby the volcano located spa town

Bromo Tengger Semer National Park in Indonesia is proud not only of its incredible beauty but also because of the Cemoro Lawang city which is not easy to achieve. Located about the two meters above sea-level village can be reached only by a few, one meter wide trails.

But all the hard work is definitely going to pay off – a remote village is equally beautiful and luxurious as inferior, expensive resorts, and here even the best five-star hotels and restaurants can be found as well!

Paradoxically, just a few steps outside the Cemoro Lawang, you will find absolute tranquility: green plains, mountains and the horizon facing Bromo volcano peak.



In the world most remote location – another Edinburgh

Tristan da Cunha is considered the most secluded populated area in the world. The only town located on this island is named almost the same way as the Scottish capital – Edinburgh of the Seven Seas.

Although the island can be reached only by boat, and an active volcano and relentless winds are not very pampering, locals do not complain. Just 270 living people there are engaged in agriculture and believe that everything must be shared with neighbors.



Protection from tourists – the cool climate and stones

The Faroe Islands is still not a very popular holiday destination. No wonder – the coast is covered with rough stones, and in the summer temperatures here rise only to 10 degrees Celsius.

Remarkable villages definitely redeem the lack of summertime heat, while peacefulness all around, and the beautiful views doesn’t ruin the experience there as well.

Gasadalur village, sheltering only 16 people, is located just a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, and here you can gaze upon one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world.



On the dragon’s back growing rice

It is said that the Chinese Dazu town lies on the dragon’s spine. In fact – green rice terraces located all over the mountains indeed reminds fire spitting beast’s back.

Although the majority of the population since ancient times is engaged in agriculture, an increasing number of visitors opened up new earning potential.

Customers here can feel like kings. For example, if a tourist walk in hilly terrain becomes too complicated, you can hire some locals who can carry the chair with you sitting on it. Also, there are some pretty great and cheap hotels around as well, so you can spend a few days enjoying this amazing city for as much as you want.



Where is YOUR favorite secluded place?