Today’s guest post comes from the super-awesome Maria! Accompanying it are some photos that should have stayed buried: pics of me in Spain at the nice and awkward age of 14.

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1. Don’t bring your kids to Las Ramblas at night! This popular boulevard can get quite troublesome and dangerous at night. Robberies, prostitution and scams are an every day matter when the night falls, especially into the wee hours. So, even though you are not with kids, be careful when walking around Las Ramblas at night.


Oh yeah, that's me!
Oh yeah, that’s me!

2. Avoid eating at franchises. A tourist in Barcelona can be very tempted to getinto a Starbucks, McDonalds or what’s worse: Pastafiore! Just because you already know it. Well, let me tell you: That’s a crime; if you are spending some days at one of the Barcelona apartments and don’t eat at the local bars you will be missing oneof the best parts of it.Some recommendations are El Quim de la Boqueria, inside the Boqueria market (La Rambla, 91), best tapas around guaranteed! El Xampanyet (Carrerde Montcada, 22), in the middle of the Borne district, this bar has kept all its personalityalong the years and, though it’s not cheap, you must taste at least once in a life their shrimps and their cockles with their exquisite wines. In the Barceloneta district, don’t miss Jai-Ca (Ginebra, 13) and in Gracia district, El Canigó is a must!


3. Don’t ever fall asleep in the Ciutadella park as probably, not for sure, but most likely, when you wake up you’ll miss your bike, your wallet or your bag.


At least my eyes are open in this one
At least my eyes are open in this one

4. Going to the beach is great, yes, we all agree, but you must know: Locals don’t go to Barcelona beaches. If you want to enjoy it fully, take a train and go to the North (preferably) or to the South beaches [ed note: like the ones in Alicante, where I was lucky enough to enjoy a home-stay in way back in 1994). In just half an hour you’ll be at a much cleaner, much less crowded beach and you’ll be able to see all the coastal path long from thetrain, which are very nice views.


5. Barcelona is not in the Tropics, but it’s not cold at all. So, unless you are jinxed,it won’t be freezing cold when visiting the city. So, as much as you can, try to get oneof the apartments in Barcelona with a terrace, so that you can enjoy a nice meal in the open-air with great views of the city. And that will certainly be one of those happy life moments!

Maria Climent is a 27-year-old Catalan lady currently living in Barcelona who after studying translation decided her life was odd enough to study humour scriptwritting. This is how now she works as a blogger and lives hidden after this nickname @noparoporcasa