Inside a Rave on a Boat in Amsterdam

An All-Night Rave on the SS Stubnitz in Amsterdam

The other highlight of our time in Amsterdam was a massive dance party on board a boat (the Stubnitz) docked on the other side of the river behind Centraal Station.


The Stubnitz in Amsterdam
The Stubnitz, a boat docked just outside Centraal Station that housed a giant party


While the event usually costs nearly $30 just to get in, it was the last one of the year so we all got in for free and danced the night away until nearly 6am. The ship itself was massive and divided into three different rooms, each with their own type of trancy/techno music ranging from more low key to what many termed the “hard core room.”

Needless to say, we spent much of the night bouncing from room to room taking it all in. I managed to take a couple of pictures, so be sure to check them out.