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Prison Yacht
Marin, San Francisco Bay

{ Nikon D80 } – { 240 mm } – { f/6 } – { 1/2000s exposure } – { ISO 100 }

Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge and a giant cruise ship in the Sausalito Bay

“Welcome to the Rock!”

~Sean Connery in the the 1996 movie, The Rock.

Perhaps the most famous and storied prison in all of America, Alcatraz is located just off the shores of San Francisco and next to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Since first visiting The Rock on a childhood trip with my parents, this prison island has captured my imagination. However, I do have to admit that despite living in San Francisco for more than two years, I still haven’t managed to return to Alcatraz.

Taken From Sausalito

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge, the town of Sausalito offers sweeping panoramic views of Alcatraz, as well as the Bay Bridge and a never-ending stream of cruise ships, cargo boats, tankers, yachts and more.

This photo was taken from the shores of Sausalito when my mother, Bonnie, was in San Francisco visiting. We had a great time looking out at the Bay and staring at all the huge ships .

Below is another view of Alcatraz Island, from the back of a Red and White Fleet sunset cruise, which I took with my wife Carrie shortly after moving to San Francisco.


Alcatraz prison - San Francisco Bay, USA
A more rare view of The Rock, this shot is of the Northern side of Alcatraz that faces away from San Francisco.