Peryiar National Forest
Kumili, India


A tree and sunburst in Kumili, India
A tree and sunburst in Kumili, India

From my travel journal dated 3.7.09 – The Cold Mountain Air of Kumili

The next day we booked a trek through the Peryiar National Forest and, as luck would have it, we were the only two on the tour. For eight hours we had two guides and a third man with a gun to protect us from animals or poachers all to ourselves. They led us up steep mountains (I swear one part I climbed was at a 75 degree incline) and through dense roughage. We were fed a terrible breakfast and freshly cooked lunch and took many breaks to take in the views that went on for miles.

On the animal front we saw birds, bison, cows and horses. We were on the lookout for more exotic species but the closest we came were tiger footprints and fresh elephant and tiger dung teasing us that they had recently been in the area. All in all an amazing experience and, at $21 per person, an amazing deal.