Best adventure sports in France and where to go for them

What would cross your mind when you hear about the largest country in Western Europe? Yes, we are talking about none other than the romantic couple’s destination in France. But you know what? Enough of this cliched picture of romanticism! 

France is a significant destination for thrilling activities, from skiing, paragliding, cliff jumping, canyoning, and more. You will go berserk after trying each of these activities in France without being oblivious to safety, of course! 

Want a life-changing experience, right? Who has stopped you? Nobody! So, just step out of your comfort zone, and dive into these adventure sports. And no place is so renowned for numerous adventure sports other than France! 

Never let your inner fear sabotage your plan. These are the top 9 adventure activities in France for an unforgettable experience.

Skiing in Morzine

Morzine is situated at the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski zone, offering a fantastic playground of 650 km of ski slopes in the winter. If you’re inclined to mountain biking and hiking, you must visit Morzine in the summer. 

This authentic village of France has turned into the waymarked trail for these activities during summer. However, if you’re a winter person & ski lover, explore the magnificence of ski Morzine, which offers options of ski runs for different ages & abilities, from novices to freeride professionals. 

The ski area in Morzine is easily accessible; it’s part of a vast interconnected ski zone and is ideal for beginner skiers and families. 

Paragliding at Chamonix

Chamonix is well-known for every adrenaline junkie visiting for diving in several action-loaded adventures. Besides different thrilling activities to try at Chamonix, nobody could beat the unique charm of paragliding. Here you can fly up in the air through tandem paragliding flights, considered the most incredible activity to try to make the most of memories in France. 

Don’t think twice while taking a leap of faith from the giant slopes of the Mont Blanc range is one of the most splendid activities to cherish for a lifetime. It takes 20 minutes to fly above the mountains. So, it will be a divine experience for everyone. 

Cliff diving along the Massif des Calanques

If you’re a daredevil person, consider yourself going cliff diving, another top-notch way to uplift your adrenaline rush. The best location in France for cliff diving is along the Massif des Calanques. Between Marseille and Cassis, there is a section of rocky cliffs. This place ranges in different heights and challenges, so the cliffs attract divers globally. 

Besides cliff diving along the Massif des Calanques, you can soak up the magnificent sunshine. Great weather is a plus for cliff diving; alternatively, you may look forward to jumping into deep pools of blue water and discovering reefs’ sea life habitats. 


Gorge scrambling at Millevaches National Park

Who thought waterfalls were suitable exclusively for wall paintings? Observing fleeting rainbows, perhaps? At the Millevaches National Park in France’s Dordogne, take action beyond simply standing there and allowing the water to splash over your face. 

On your day out experiencing one of these thrilling activities in France, there will be no shortage of climbing waterfalls, diving into plunge pools, and bouldering. Gorge scrambling is a relatively recent addition to adrenaline sports; thus, being physically fit is required!

Olympic Bobsleigh Ride At La Plagne

Bobsleighing is a top-notch adventurous activity where approx 2 to 4 persons incline down at tremendous speed on an icy surface over the 4-runner sledge. Are you deeply inclined to massive speed & frosty mountain rides? If yes, you will cherish this location and the adventure! 1992, when this sport was included in the Winter Olympics in Albertville. 

But today, you will dive into a similar experience at La Plagne with a standard bobsleigh run, providing 19 challenging bends over a vertical drop of 125 m and a 1500 m long course. For Bob racing and Bob rafting, respectively, 128 & 48 euros will be required. 

Ziplining in Paris

Paris is blessed with substantial architectural buildings and the grace of skylines. One of the most exciting adventures in Paris is ziplining with a panoramic view of the city and the Eiffel Tower. Sounds impressive, indeed! 

The zipline can take you one km away in no longer than a minute, declining at 56 mph. Hence, it has become one of the most thrilling and attractive activities to do in France. You will cherish the charm of French landscapes only after partaking in ziplining. Spend approx 26 euros to love the lifetime adventure in Paris!

Ride The Monster Belharra Wave 

What are your thoughts on surfing? If you’ve deeply gravitated toward surfing, look no further than the Monster Belharra, the giant waves in Europe! This adventurous activity isn’t for the faint-hearted, as the waves had the story of devouring ships entirely in the older times. It occurs a mile offshore of the French Basque Country and has waves reaching 8 to 15 meters. 

The best experience in France for all competitive surfers is to keep up with their demanding comrades. Ride this enormous wave to quench your desire for excitement and go triumphantly in good humor!

Canoeing in Loire Valley

Do you prefer your adventure in bite-sized pieces? If yes, canoeing is that adventurous sport you’re looking for! You may rent a canoe and accept the Loire River for a day. Float over the river, either by yourself or with a companion, to find a place where air and warmth are the most important things. There will be a castle or chateau to add to the excitement of the trip. So, paddles away.

Parachute Ride Over The Arcachon Bay

Are you willing to embrace the aerial world of skies? Consider diving into a Parachute ride over Arcachon Bay, another adventure in France. Your crazy journey for trying the most perilous sensation won’t get over without a scary parachute jump. Arcachon Bay, located in the southwest of France, is considered the most substantial place to undertake this extraordinary outdoor activity with the scenery of idyllic views of incredible valleys. The price of a Parachute ride for adults is 55 euros and 150 euros for couples. 

It’s a wrap! These are France’s top 9 breathtaking adventure sports to explore nature and embrace your intrepid spirit. If your preference is significantly governed by adventure, then France must be on your bucket list. It’s an abode of every adventure enthusiast who will choose amid different adventurous things to do on air, land, and water. Challenge yourself and explore the best activities in France.