De La Salle University
Manila, Philippines

A full moon view of De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines

{ 24mm } – { 25 second exposure } – { f/8 } – { ISO 100 }

 . . .

After three months living in Chaing Mai, Thailand, Carrie and I have left small-town life behind and headed to Manila in the Philippines.

Granted, we’re only in this bustling metropolis for a few days while waiting for a ferry to take us to the island of Romblon; but, that’s plenty of time to point my camera at some buildings and snap some photographs.

. . .

From the rooftop of my hostel in Manila, I am treated to a 360 degree view of the entire city: contrast and all. One of Carrie and my favorite sites is the De La Salle University building, which we are convinced looks like a robot from Battle of Hoth in Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back

It’s also the most unique building in the area and a fascinating example of progressive architecture.