GUEST POST OVERVIEW: As Carrie and I wander around India, our thoughts turn to the possibilities of heading to Turkey for a visit. Now, thanks to this post from my buddy Ricky, I have a guide of a wonderful place to go.


Turkey is one big country. There is a reason why it is considered to be a gateway from the west to the east – it simply stretches across both regions!

Antalya Beach
Antalya Beach

Whilst cities such as Istanbul are these days a cosmopolitan mix of cultures that create a unique twist between modern and old, certain other areas of the country do not share such a whimsical reputation. One such place is Antalya, which is often overlooked as a place where the beaches are full of tourists and cultural experiences are non-existent.

But before you write Antalya off, do a bit of research and you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

Scenic Beauty

There are not many other areas in Turkey which can match the exquisite natural offerings in Antalya. The beaches are the main attraction and people – tourists, travelers and locals from other parts of the country – flock to the golden sands throughout the year. Beaches at Bedibi, Phaselis, Patara, Olympos and Kemer are some of the lesser well known ones and tend to not get as busy as others, so bear this in mind if you are visiting in the high season.

Ancient Remains


Sometimes there is nothing better than spending the day walking and exploring various sites of historical importance. After all, these sites are what makes the area unique to other places around the world isn’t it? And when it comes to sites of historical importance, Antalya is certainly blessed in this department.

The Ancient City of Perge sits around 11 miles from Antalya and is believed to be over three thousand years old – it is thought that St Paul preached here. The stadium is without doubt one of the best-preserved from this era still in existence so is well worth a visit for this alone.

Natural Springs

Some of the best attractions are those which are totally natural, and Antalya has plenty of these sorts of sites. One of the most famous is Karst Springs, where limestone rock formations have been eroded and a natural spring can be seen and heard. This is the perfect place to head to on a cool day and may even be seen by some as a quite romantic location!

Do not try and pigeon hole Antalya. Whilst some will love the cheap holidays which the area is famous for, many others will be more than impressed with the natural beauty and charm of the region too.”