GUEST POST SUMMARY: My buddy Nick has some great advice about finding airport parking in the UK.


“We all know that sometimes the most stressful parts of your trip can be when you arrive at the airport on your way out to your destination and when you arrive at the airport on your way home.

Big Ben, London England
Biggah-Ben. That’s what I called it Big Ben when I visited London as a 3 year old in a stroller with my parents

It can be very easy to get your stress levels back up to where they ye were before you even went away if you have a stressful journey home.

This is where Holiday Extras can help. With a little bit of careful planning you will be able to sort out your journey to the airport (think about whether or not you want to take public transport or drive in the car) and even help you with an airport hotel if your flight is at an unsocial hour.

This is usually the case if you have got a good deal on your flight as the travel companies usually offer better deals on the flights that are departing at the least popular times such as the red eye flights or the very early morning starts.

Holidays Extras will help you to book your train to the airport from where you are flying from and will also help you to book a hotel that will suit your need and your budget.

The great thing about the Holiday Extras website is that they will help you to centralize all of the little extras that you need in order to make your trip away as stress free as you can

A parking garage in downtown San Francisco, California, USA
A parking garage

Their website enables you to book your parking at Luton airport and your Luton airport hotel all from the same place. As many of the major UK airports now have parking provision whether it be on site or off site you will be able to find a great choice of airport parking locations on the Holiday Extras website.

Whether you are looking for a London airport parking with Gatwick parking or Stansted parking or something a little bit more up north with Liverpool Airport Parking you will be able to get all of your little extras booked and taken care of.

Which of course means that you will be able to arrive at check in relaxed and ready to start your holiday and what’s more on the way home you will be safe in the knowledge that you have all of your travel arrangements sorted out so that you can get back to your own bed as quickly as possible!”