A sunset over the beach in Arambol, Goa

Go Relax in Goa

You read the blog. You can imagine how the stress level builds as in between all the amazing, rewarding and fun we are moving our home every two days.

So, after more than a month in India we came to the beach town of Arambol in the state of Goa and relaxed for six days. Originally we were just going to spend a couple of days, but after two nights we found a huge room with a terrace facing the crashing ocean and just a few minutes from swimming and hiking for a mere $10 per night and were instantly at home.

Activities were plentiful; one night we caught a show by a group of French hippies with belly dancing, acrobatics and glass ball balancing with a soundtrack of digaridoos, tablas and more.

Check out a video here


My First Healing Circle

Another night we went to a Spiritual Healing Circle where we, along with 20 plus strangers, stood in a circle and made “om, ooh, eee, ahh” sounds in an effort to open up our chakras. Then we all laid in a circle with our heads facing inward as we were bathed in the sound vibrations of digaridoos, gongs, bowl edges and lord knows what else.

The entire thing was extremely calming and a fascinating experience. I can only imagine how it effects those actually in tune with their chakras and experts in meditation.

Our neighbors were also a bunch of fun people. There was the Australian sisters next door who loved to talk and talk. Then there was the couple of Yoga instructors and next to them was Carrie’s new BFF, Petra, who was a massage therapist and an extremely open and alternative thinking woman whose brain Carrie had a blast picking.

They even took a day to go wander the hills by Arambol and the nearby Keri beach. All the while, I just sat on our balcony, looking out, typing and enjoying break time.


The view from our hotel room in Arambol
The view from our hotel room in Arambol