Gratitude Journal: Day 2
November 4, 2020

I’ve adopted a daily gratitude practice. Every morning for the rest of November, I start the day by writing 10 things I’m thankful for. Then, to keep myself accountable, I’ll share my list on this website, Instagram, and Facebook.

1️⃣  I am truly blessed that I get to take Bodhi and his friends to Forest School two days a week because I love spending time with them in the car and hearing all of the amazing conversations that they have about life, observations, and absolutely nothing at all.

2️⃣  I am truly blessed to live underneath majestic redwood trees because I still remember falling in love with redwoods during a family visit to California when I was seven.

“They” call these Twisted Redwoods – I would revise that to “slightly curved Redwoods”
“They” call these Twisted Redwoods – I would revise that to “slightly curved Redwoods”

3️⃣  I am truly blessed for every breath of fresh air that I take because after the trauma of the CZU fire, I can still smell the alternative.

Our house – just before we self-evacuated for the CZU Santa Cruz Mountains fires in August, 2020.

4️⃣  I am blessed to have a career that affords me the freedom to come and go as I’d like because I value my own autonomy and the freedom of choice.

My desk today at the Satellite workspace

5️⃣  I am blessed to live off a small road in the Santa Cruz mountains because we have an incredible community of people with one common goal: taking care of each other because we are neighbors.

6️⃣  I am truly blessed to have a retirement account because I’m ready to retire, today.

7️⃣  I am truly blessed to have a pair of sneakers that doesn’t have holes in it because my feet deserve it.

8️⃣  I am truly blessed the glasses exist because otherwise, everything would be blurry.

9️⃣  I’m truly blessed that Skype exists because it gives me a way to see my mom smiling face and have her interact with her grandchildren even though we can’t be physically together.

🔟  I am truly blessed to have my father’s Red Baron’s teeshirt because I miss him deeply and feel connected to him when I wear it


The practice is a part of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Magic,” which I am working through with my wife, Carrie.