Gratitude Journal: Day 8
November 10, 2020

It can be challenging to find gratitude for life’s hardships.

It’s easy to say thanks for all the wonderful things in life. Love, family, financial success. Thank you thank you thank you to all of those. See, so easy!

But what about the tough stuff? Yesterday, I said thank you to my father for his battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Today, I want to explore other challenges and find a way to authentically be thankful for all that they teach.


1️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for Covid quarantines and lockdowns because they are giving me and my family a chance to bond in a way that we never would have before.

2️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for losing my cool with Bodhi last night and saying some unkind words because he gave me a chance to apologize later and have a beautiful, tender moment where he shared some of his own regrets.

3️⃣ I am infinitely grateful for the presidency of Donald Trump because it brought to light a large number of issues that had been bubbling beneath the surface of our country for decades, if not centuries.

4️⃣ I am deeply grateful for Luna needing to go poopoo in the potty every night just after the entire family has turned out the lights and lay down to go to sleep because it gives me an opportunity to work through frustrations and embrace the present moment every single time.

March 2020 • the height of the TP shortage

5️⃣ I am deeply grateful for the feelings of shame that bubble up during certain stale-pattern interactions with Carrie because each one gives us another chance to bring awareness to it and have a different reaction.

Carrie and I celebrated the wedding of our good friends Eric and Rhyannon

6️⃣ I am deeply grateful for a lifetime of anger because my desire to live a different life – one free of negativity – drives my quest for personal growth.

7️⃣ I am deeply grateful for the bobcat that is decimating our chicken and duck population because it brings the topic of death to the forefront of the family conversation and allows space for everyone to share their feelings.

8️⃣ I am deeply grateful for all the ways I have disrespected money over the years because it’s giving me a baseline for comparison as I rewrite my money story and achieve epic levels of success.

9️⃣ I am deeply grateful for all the times that Bodhi bullies Luna because it forces me to look at my own deep trauma surrounding being bullied as a child.

🔟 I am deeply grateful for Kyle the contractor who we fired after 6 expensive months of missed deadlines and subpar work on our deck because my rage gives me endless opportunities to choose — 1) do I acknowledge it, feel it, and let it go? Or 2) do I let it consume me?


I’ve adopted a daily gratitude practice.

Every morning for the rest of November, I start the day by writing 10 things I’m thankful for. Then, to keep myself accountable, I’ll share my list on this website, Instagram, and Facebook.