I’m eternally moved by the power and generosity of the human spirit.

Especially when I get an e-mail like this one: from Piroska Görög…


“One of your photo really touched my heart.

It’s of a little shy girl peeking out behind a wall in Honduras.

My sister-in-law is the director of the KidSAKE Foundation; which supports poor kids in Honduras.

I’d like to ask for your permission; because I would love to paint this photo and give it to the foundation to raise money.”


Honored and deeply touched, I immediately said, “of course!”


Perry’s beautiful painting of the “Honduras Girl”

Some time later, Piroska was kind enough to send me a photograph of her beautiful painting.

Awestruck, I asked her to share a bit about her process:


“The painting, as a whole, was not too hard; but, since I’m not a professional painter, it was a little challenging to make the same innocent look on the little girl’s face.

During the time of painting, I had a very interesting feeling. I felt as I was painting my childhood in Hungary.

Emotionally, I felt myself very close to the little girl; and it was hard to “give her away.”

But, I was hoping that through the KidSAKE foundation, she might help other children… or, who knows: maybe even help herself in Honduras.”


My original photograph of a little Honduran girl in Copan.
My original photograph of a little Honduran girl in Copan.

Piroska’s painting is absolutely beautiful!

I hope it raised a billion kajillion dollars for the KidSAKE Foundation.


About the original photo

It floors me that something so beautiful came from a random snapshot I took seven years ago.

My wife and I were horseback riding in Honduras; when I saw this little girl peeking out.

The horse wasn’t slowing down; so, I quickly grabbed my camera and made a single photo.

Moments later, she was gone.


Click here to learn more about the KidSAKE Foundation