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Why does travel inspire us?

There’s something intangible about being away from home that creates a sense of awe, wonder, inspiration, creativity, and joy inside us all.

The best part is, you can find that same bliss in your own backyard. How? Let’s find out …

Sunshine after a thunderstorm in Pescadero, CA

Do you love being surrounded by Mother Nature’s beauty?

Trekking the globe for spectacular sunsets, sandy beaches, monumental mountains, and lush landscapes?

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The Manhattan skyline from atop Rockefeller Center

Are you an urban adventurer? 

Gazing out at soaring skylines, exploring cobblestoned cities, and channeling your inner Indiana Jones at ancient architectural sites?

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A devotee is surrounded by 12,999 monks in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For many of us, travel is about human connection.

Sharing space with loving locals and cherished travel companions, enjoying a scrumptious smorgasbord with someone special, and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

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A train goes through a tunnel in the Pingxi Line Railroad - Taiwan

Then, there’s the journey itself …

Taxis, tarmacs, trains, and transit. Getting from here to there can be quite an adventure. As Emerson said, “It’s the not the destination … it’s the journey.”

My Best Transportation Stories

Hi, I’m Greg Goodman

For a decade, my wife and I backpacked, volunteered, and lived around the world.

It was a transformational time of personal growth and unforgettable adventures, as I constantly catapulted myself out of my comfort zone.

Along the way, I shared our adventures on this website. My mantra was “follow your heart and success will follow you. Turns out the Universe was listening, as my Photographic Storytelling appeared in galleries, publications, and TV shows around the world.

Fast forward to today, Carrie and I have two kids and a home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Extended backpacking expeditions have been replaced by local jaunts and family outings. Yet, our travel spirit lives on.

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Get Lost in Korea tells a story of exploration, photography, blogging, and friendship. Highlights include me catching and eating a live octopus, attending an exorcism, and learning zen martial arts from monks.

A Journey Awaits

Adventures of a GoodMan is the graphic novel of my life and the next chapter is still being written.

Here are 4 good places to start your journey.

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Greg Goodman - Photographic Storytelling - a Journey Awaits

Can you figure out what the line is in this photo?

It took me a couple of minutes to fully identify it.

I thought it was an error at first. Something I had messed up and post processing

The top part of the line is the edge of the cliff overlapping the natural bridge hole behind it.

Then, the cliff is perfectly reflected in the sand which looks like an extension of that line.

And now you know 🤣🌅

$330 for 4 bags of groceries?! 😭🥗 What the actual duck?

This isn’t going to slow down either.

Eggs now cost roughly $88 per dozen.

Every price tag is double what it was a few months ago.

The inflation rate is around 7% over the past few years.

Have you gotten a raise in that time? 🤔

If so, was your raise higher than the inflation rate?

How is this sustainable?

Easy answer - it’s not!

At least, not with the current system most of us have bought into.

🤥 “Get a fancy degree and have your pick of careers,” they told us.

🤥 “9-5 jobs give you financial security,” they said.

🤥 “Just work harder so you don’t lose your job,” they promised.

Now, we’re working 10-15 hour days just to make ends meet.

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Racking up debts with no end in sight.

I declare BS.

The system is broken!

It’s time for a revolution. 🎉

Join me, my friend!

Stop trading time for money.

Stop working for a company that doesn’t care about you.

Stop worrying about your financial future.

Instead, take matters into your own hands.

🌈 Learn how to make money online so you can quit your job and turn your life into a vacation. 🌈

Discover a proven formula for starting a highly-profitable online business.

Take matters into your own hands!

Live life on your terms.

Want to know how?

Drop the word YES 👇 below and let’s chat about what’s possible.

(Or, just share how much you paid for your last trip to the grocery store).

When faced with strong emotions, may you be like this rock.

Standing firm as the waves crash on you. Letting them go by. Unaffected.

Feel the wave.

Feel the crash.

Let it be.

Take a breath.

Move on.

It was a car ride of chaos to get here. 🌋

Kids crying.



Stress levels through the roof.

Hell on Earth on four wheels.

But, we kept on going.

We knew our family just needed to get to the beach.

All would be well once we got there.

As if to tell us we made the right decision, this incredible view greeted us as I stepped out of the car in the parking lot.

And yes, all indeed was well once we reached the beach 🙏❤️🌅

I was just trying to snap a photo of my son playing on the beach.

Then, I spotted this lone bike rider on the cliff above his head.

Without thought, I quickly zoomed in as far as I could and snapped this photo.

My mind was swirling with other angles and framing options. But, I never got the chance to try them.

Moments later, the entire scene changed.

Gone was the solo bike rider.

Now, he was joined by a group of bike riding friends.

The photo instantly became busy.

The tranquil moment was gone.

Looking at this one photo I managed to make, I am reminded of a valuable lesson.

Moments only last a moment.

Photograph the first thing you see. Then, go back and try other ideas.

So often, your first photo turns out to be the best of them all.

Does that ever happened to you?

Highlights of an incredible father-son bike ride along the Pacific Coast from natural bridges to Wilder State Park in Santa Cruz, California.

So grateful for this lovely life, wonderful world, and stupendous son 🙏🙏🙏❤️🌈

When you get home from a day out with your camera or phone, is there usually one or two photos you are most excited about?

An image that stands out in your mind?

One that you are most excited to pop into the digital dark room?

After a day out with my son bike riding along the Pacific Ocean, this is the one I was most excited to see.

I honestly don't know what else is hiding in my phone ... but, this one certainly lived up to my own expectations.

What about you?

Can you relate? 

Want to make your photo better? Remember, you are the artist. You can move things around.

If something is distracting, move it. If putting a different element into your photo would make it better, do it! It's your vision.

It's your art.

It's your creation.

Make it what you want it to be!

Surf's up during King Tides, 2023 in Santa Cruz, California. ...

Highlights of a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my family. 🙏❤️🐠🦈 ...

I just won a huge battle between my ego, body, and willpower. 🥳

Here's the quick story.

Carrie and the kids left for the day this morning.

My body was feeling old, achy, and icky.

I really needed to move my body and go for a hike.

But, my mind (aka my ego) was telling me NO!

“You have too much work to do.”

"There's no time for self-care."

"I just don't feel like it."

"I'll exercise tomorrow."

Also, “[insert excuse here]”

Those thoughts raced through my mind as I stood in the kitchen making my coffee and prepping my eggs.

My willpower had failed. 😭

The path of least resistance was triumphant

Then, my body took over.

My hands turned off the stove and my feet walked away from the kitchen.

I got dressed, put on my shoes, and walked out the door.

Instead of starting my hike by walking up the steep hill, I ran.

Instead of bringing my phone and multitasking, I allowed myself to be at one with nature.

Granted, my mind was still racing faster than a speeding locomotive.

But, at least I was outside!

🤔 Why am I sharing all this? 🤔

First, I am proud of myself.

I pushed past the voice in my head and listened to what my heart, body, and soul were saying.

Second, it’s a powerful reminder to me.

Hopefully, it is a reminder to YOU as well.

YOU don't always have to do what the loud voice says.

At any moment, you can choose a different path.

That path may not always be the easiest one to take … but, it's usually worth it.

So put down the spatula.

Go for a run.

Take care of yourself.


Highlights from King Tides in Santa Cruz - January 2023. ...

"They" say I shouldn't post at 7 PM.

"The experts" say nobody will see this photo or give it a 👍 or ❤️ because it's not the optimal time to post.

I don't care!

I just got back from an epic sunset photo adventure along the Pacific coast and I'm so so excited about the images I created.

So, I'm posting this now.

Lots more to come over the next few days.

Now let's see how late I'm up tonight editing the photos I made on my DSLR! (This one is a quick edit from my iPhone)

Who else is burned out AF?!

Work-life balance?

Long days and sleepless nights.

Stressed out.


Waiting for the next ball to drop.

Tired of the grind.

Bills mounting.

Yet, I TRUST. 🙏

What other choice do I have?

I trust in each plan I come up with for making it all work.

When that plan fails, I trust it was an essential step in where I go next.

And Over
And Over Again

It can be challenging to trust.

My resolve is tested daily.

Can’t someone else just figure it out for me?

Where is my vacation?

Going back to the 9-5 has a certain appeal.

It provides security at least.

But then, I would never see my kids.

I would lose my creative freedom.

It feels like abandoning everything I’ve worked for in the past 17 years.

So, I TRUST. 🙏

Just like so many other challenges in life, this one too shall pass.

I trust that sometime soon, I’ll look back at this period of my life with reverence for all the lessons it taught me.

I’ve been here before.

Leaning into the discomfort is never easy.

Jumping in head first is funking terrifying.

But what choice do I have?

I’m not running away.

I’m here for all that life has to offer.


Thanks for reading.


The tail end of last nights Bluehour in my backyard. ...

If you didn't know, the California coast was recently slammed by two weeks of torrential rain. During one of the only dry nights and that stretch, I went down to the Capitola Beach to take a look at the devastation. ...

Should I make this a pure black and white photo?

Or, does the hint of color in the sky add to it? I can't decide ...

The rains seem to have stopped for now. Which means, I can finally go through my archives from three weeks of nonstop deluge ...

Want to improve your photography in five seconds or less? Then check out this video.

+++ stick around for when my son decides to video-bomb me and starts kicking puddles at the camera 🤣🤣

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