“Now there’s something you don’t see every day back home”

In India, I say these words quite often. Still, this goat sporting a burlap coat and a neck-full of bling got me to do a double-take.

New Delhi was the first stop on Carrie and my backpacking adventure across India and SouthEast Asia and we were so lucky to spend our time there with an awesome couchsurfer host.

His tours around the city were priceless, but even better was the Christmas party he threw us on our first night in town: December 24, 2008.


A goat in the market outside the Red Fort in New Delhi, India
A goat in the market outside the Red Fort in New Delhi, India

An excerpt from Couchsurfing Our Way Through Christmas in New Delhi:

It all began on Christmas Eve day, when we arrived in Amit’s beautiful house in south Delhi He took us to, as he called it, the best place in the city to see the sunset. Next he took us to a delicious outdoor grill by his house for our first taste of authentic Indian food…and authentic Indian spice.

Upon returning to his house, he and his friend Shago decided to throw us a little Christmas Eve party. We began by decorating his money tree with homemade ornaments (paper and crayons all the way) and, by the time the party ended at 4am, more than 25 people had come through the door to party.

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