GUEST POST OVERVIEW: I’ll be honest: most of my knowledge of Kazakhstan came from the Borat movie. However, I was thrilled to learn more about this beautiful country in this new article from my friend Ashley. Now, I invite you to learn more too…


Borovoe, Kazakhstan - photograph by Lili Basic Capaccetti
Borovoe, Kazakhstan – photograph by Lili Basic Capaccetti

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Not your typical hot topic in the travel world, Kazakhstan brings to mind a couple things at first mention: sand and heat.

While the two definitely go together with a body of water in any capacity, with some greenery for good measure, it’s just not what you picture when reminiscing on Borat‘s unforgettable filming in the area.

Now, what if I told you Kazakhstan actually has the perfect paradise for your ideal travel location’s every need? It wouldn’t be a lie!

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Kazakhstani Switzerland

The gorgeous city of Burabay and its surrounding areas boast a gorgeous, pebble-encircled lake and flora lush enough to earn the area its “Kazakhstani Switzerland” nickname.

In a country dominated by desert, the prime attraction to the Burabay area is, well, Lake Burabay. Offering cafes and shops catering swimwear and beach toys and the occasional ice cream stand, the lake stands as a rural hotspot in landlocked Kazakhstan, home to this year’s ASTC Sprint Triathlon Premium Asian Cup.


Beach in Burabay lake - Photograph by Eric Lafforgue
Beach in Burabay lake – Photograph by Eric Lafforgue

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Sports and Recreation Near Burabay

Lake Burabay isn’t alone in the popular swimming hole and sports regard.

Burabay Beach- Photograph by Valentina Beatrice
Burabay Beach- Photograph by Valentina Beatrice

In fact there are numerous reservoirs near Burabay proper that offer the out-of-the-ordinary altitude-diving experience. Most of the water bodies present up to 20 meters of visibility and stand around 1800 meters above sea level, making them ideal for this unique and complex activity.

For those with an eye on commerce and entertainment in their ideal travel location, be sure to watch this month as high rollers go all-in at the WPT National located in Burabay proper at the Cash Ville Casino. And if you’re looking for an easy in to this monster tournament’s Main Event, you can always play your way in before you even arrive.


Burabay National Nature Park

If you’re among those who prefer the quiet of nature to the crowds and guided activities in or near the city, the Burabay National Nature Park has an answer to your call.

As the premier nature park in the area, you’ll have a lot to see in both the flora and fauna departments, as the park is home to wild cliff formations, numerous lakes, over 300 animal species and over 800 plant species!

By all accounts, there is something for everyone in this underrated and inexplicably beautiful oasis in everyone’s idea of Kazakhstan. When considering your next travel adventure, try to think outside the box and seek out some uncommonly surprising destinations!


Burabay Lake - Photograph by Maxim Petrichuk
Burabay Lake – Photograph by Maxim Petrichuk