GUEST POST OVERVIEW: Turkey is a huge country with wild and breathtaking scenery and history of thousands of years to offer with the combination of very hospitable and friendly people. If you happen to find yourself in Turkey, you can’t miss…


A Lycian Way lighthouse -- Photography by Ben Beiske
A Lycian Way lighthouse — Photography by Ben Beiske

Lycian Way:

The Anatolian plateau viewed the rise and fall of many civilizations on it, the most enigmatic one being the Lycians. Tekke Peninsula was their kingdom with cliff tombs and sarcophagi which are still a worth seeing view of these hills above Mediterranean Sea. A walk on this 15 mile track past those ruins can be world’s most interesting one.

From eastern Anatolia to Olympos, costs are lowest. Meanwhile,  in Istanbul, Ankara and coastal cities of main tourists attraction, most things cost more.


This is a small coastal town with a number of restaurants lining sea shore of this town offering fish of various kinds as their main attraction. This town is best known for its coastal life and slows fast-paced life style of big cities which is really enjoyable for tourists searching for peace and calmness.


Ephesus Library - Photography by Queulat00
Ephesus Library – Photography by Queulat00

This is site of classic ruins of marble of a once great city Ephesus, which was capital of province of Asia of Roman Empire, which was largest metropolis of the entire empire.

Its abandoned roads were once clad with toga hordes with beauty of wildflowers growth among headless statues and flagstones. Ephesus daily opens at 8.00am and there is also a museum offering exhibition of culture and ancient history of this once glorious city.
Photography by:

A Lycian Way lighthouse, by Ben Beiske
Ephesus Library, by Queulat00