Life in the Nepal Tourism Industry

Article and photos by Balaram Thapa

A Note From Greg — One of my favorite parts of traveling is meeting the amazing locals who run local shops and businesses. That’s why I got so excited when Balaram Thapa emailed me to share his story (and photos) as the owner of a tourism agency in Nepal — Take it away, Balaram. 

Sharing my experience in Nepal tourism

Coming to the capital city after 10th grade is a common practice among youths in the rural areas of Nepal. Following the tradition, I too left for Kathmandu after my tenth grade to pursue further study. Together with studying, as I was a fan of traveling, I deliberately got involved in the tourism industry.

When I first got involved, the industry was small and only a few conducted trekking and tour packages. But now, with the growth of technology and digitization, a good number of Nepalese youths are involved in this business.

Further in the article, I have shared my struggles, and thoughts about Nepal tourism. So please read along.


Starting Nepal Hiking Team

Although I had enough experience of traveling and trekking in Nepal, I was still skeptical about opening my own company. I contemplated the idea for a period of time. At that time, it was difficult for me to choose between stable jobs or creating my own company.

However, since, the company was my vision, my desire to convert my vision into a reality was much greater than sticking with a stable job. And with that decision, I created Nepal Hiking Team. I founded the company with the support of my elder brother in 2009. The first few years were tough, yet I was not willing to stop.

I continue to work harder and now; Nepal Hiking Team is a leading travel company in Nepal with prized accreditations from recognized travel associations.

About Nepal Hiking Team!

Founded in 2009, Nepal Hiking Team has welcomed thousands of travelers all across the world. With making the dreams of travelers come true, the company has also provided jobs to hundreds of youths in Nepal. And for me, more than anything in the world, being able to provide a source of income to somebody is the biggest achievement ever.

The company operates several travel packages in Nepal suitable for all age group of people. From extreme adventurous activities to relaxing short tours, the company offers diverse packages suitable for all types of travelers. If you too are thinking about visiting Nepal, then make sure to visit the official website of the Nepal Hiking Team. There you can find assorted travel packages.


Love for the home country – Nepal

Who wouldn’t love the country they were born into. My love for Nepal is not just limited to the reason for it being my birth home. I personally love the diverse nature of our country. From having hundreds of ethnic groups and varying in the topographical region, there are so many things to do and experience in Nepal.

One can enjoy the wilderness of the terai region and the greenery of the mid-lands within few hours and that for me personally is so interesting. Likewise, the mountains are another reason that intensifies my love. And I would like to invite anyone who is curious about tiny nation-Nepal, they can always find me in social media platforms.

Bestselling traveling destinations in Nepal

In my view, every corner of Nepal is travel-worthy. Although I myself have not visited the whole country, I plan to reach every part of the country in a row. Each part of the country holds its respective story and showcases different cultural values. Nevertheless, mainstream traveling packages like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek are some of the bestselling packages of the Nepal Hiking Team.

Emphasis on Ethical Tourism

Ethical Tourism at Nepal Hiking Team is a strict practice. I know, as much as tourism is about traveling for clients, it is on our part to be true to them. There are many travel companies all over the world, who lures clients with cheap trip cost and later puts them in a compromising position with hidden agendas.

It is common practice all over the world amongst unethical business operators. So through this medium, I want to aware travelers to be careful about such companies. As with the development technology, every now and then, new companies are being formulated, so it is very important for clients to be wary about with whom they are dealing.


Handling unexpected COVID-19

No one was ready to face something like COVID-19. And for a travel business owner, it was a surprise. As the conditions were getting serious all over the world, we had 0 COVID cases in Nepal. And it was an utterly confusing situation. I was confused about how to address the situation.

Travel restrictions were getting implemented and changing constantly. It was a situation we never imagined of. We went from confirming multiple clients in a day to not getting an inquiry email for weeks. Despite the challenging situation, I was sure, the condition would get better. And as it is slowly healing everywhere, we too are rising gradually.

In essence, being able to introduce my country to wonderful clients has been a pleasant journey. I wish to prosper more in this field and promote Nepal tourism even more in the coming days.