GUEST POST OVERVIEW: Johnny Ward, creator of the awesome travel blog One Step 4 Ward, brings us an inspirational tale of taking the big life-chance and living your dream of traveling the world instead of being stuck in a stuffy office job.

“I always knew I wanted to travel but it was such a daunting prospect – where should I go? Is it ok to go alone? Do I have enough money? So many doubts filled my head that it would be so easy so push those crazy travel thoughts to the back of my mind, apply for a graduate position and some generic bank and maintain society’s status quo….

onestep4wardSo what did I do? I took a big leap of faith, booked myself onto an English teaching course, bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, and set off. That was nearly 5 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I often think back to that week, after graduating from uni, when I was stressing about what to do with my life. Travel or work, travel or work, travel or work? When I realized the question was a lot more simple than “Travel or work”, it was “Do what I’ve always wanted to do OR do what everyone else does” when it’s framed like that, there’s a lot more clarity.

So guys, what I’m saying to you is – forget doing what is ‘expected’ of you, the world is a different place now, there are so many opportunities waiting for you – all you have to do is take that plunge and set off. If you dream of living in foreign countries, waking up on exotic shores, eating crazy food and learning new languages, do it and don’t look back. This is our time, let’s not waste it. Redesign your lifestyle, live your dreams, pursue them with vigor and ignore the haters.

johnnywardA whole new world is just around the corner, and if that’s not enough to inspire you then spare a second and think of the regret you may have in 10, 20, 30 years time when you look back at a time in your life when you had the freedom, the chance, the opportunity to say “f*ck it, I’m gonna take a risk and do what I wanna do” but you let the chance pass. I know I don’t want to feel that ever, and I’m guessing neither do you. So embrace change, live on the edge for a while and watch all the benefits it brings you now and for long into the future. Good luck and happy travels!”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Ward, founder of the hugely popular travel blog One Step 4 Ward and the English teaching company Teach dot Travel (work/study in Thailand/Korea), uses his site and company to inspire people to change their lives, and live the dream! He’s been on the road since 2006, backpacking, studying, and working through more than 50 countries around the globe, and has no plans of slowing down.