I Want to Go to Cuba

The Southernmost Point in the USA is located in Key West, Florida
The closest I’ve ever been to Cuba…90 miles away in Key West, Florida

But why, oh why, must I be an American then? I miss the old days – you know, the ones decades before I was born – when Cuba was a hotspot for dancing, nightlife and living the good life. I’ve seen the movies. I’ve read the books. Now, I want to go to Cuba before they open it up to all the other American tourists. And I almost did!

Carrie and I were in Mexico back in 2007 and knew that they have daily flights to Cuba. The Cuban passport checkers supposedly know that they aren’t supposed to stamp an American passport and as long as we didn’t use our ATM card or Credit Card, how on Earth could Uncle Sam catch wind of our adventures in the forbidden Latin American country?!

Sometimes, however, a little too much Internet research will get the better of you. It seemed, according to the good ‘ole WWW, that if we got caught that we would be subject to a $50,000+ fine and possible jail time. Did that mean that I couldn’t even post a photo to my Adventures of a GoodMan Facebook wall? I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable adding Cuba to my Photo Galleries.

In the end, we wound up nixing our holidays to Cuba in favor of some extra time on mainland Central America. However, now that President Obama is getting closer to lifting the embargo, we want to make sure that we’re on that first flight over. Who’s coming with us?!

Have YOU been to Cuba? What was your experience like?