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Red Sand Dunes
Mui Ne, Viet Nam

{ 12mm } – { 1/640s exposure } – { f/13 } – { ISO 400 }

The red sand dunes of Mui Ne, VietNam
The red sand dunes of Mui Ne, VietNam

Sledding Down the Famous Red Sand Dunes
of Mui Ne, Viet Nam

My wife, Carrie, and I came to Mui Ne, Vietnam, towards the end of our nine month backpacking adventure across India and Southeast Asia. At this point, we had done quite a lot and become a bit jaded, but sledding down the red sand dunes of Mui Ne filled us with joy.
As I wrote in my travel journal, dated August 14, 2009:

Probably a few hundred feet from the shore of Mui Ne, Vietnam, the red dunes are filled with kids holding sheets of plastic used for sleds. Whether you agree or not, they follow tourists around offering their services as sand-sledding experts.

Very much wanting to use their services, we quickly had a group of ten or so kids following us around and showing us the best dunes to sled down. I made sure to let them know we only needed the help of one and would only be paying one, as I heard horror stories that they all take turns helping tourists then all demand money.

Anyway, in addition to showing us the best places to start and providing us with a sled, the kids helped by tossing loose sand on the hill (it makes you go faster) and giving a strong shove to get the fun going…

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