Think of this Photo of the Day as a Rorschach test.

Without trying to figure out what it actually is, take a moment to get lost in the intersecting lines and curves. Let your imagination run wild.


What do you see in this photograph? With so many intersecting lines, the possibilities are endless!

{ 50mm } – { 1/4000 second exposure } – { f 1/8 } – { ISO 160 }

. . .

Do you see something?

When I posted the image on Facebook and asked what people saw, I got an amazing variety of answers. Some of my favorites included:

  • Honeycomb
  • Eye
  • Corsett
  • Car headlight
  • Fancy girdle
  • Men’s pants fabric
  • Belly Button

. . .

In Case You’re Curious…

The photograph is of a parking reflector in a garage on Roosevelt Island, New York City. It’s also a great example of how easy it is to find beauty in the most common things. 

. . .

So, my question for the comments is:
what did you see when you first looked at the photograph?