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Mountainous Rice Fields
Sapa, VietNam

{ 70mm ) – { 1/320s exposure } – { f/9 } – { ISO 250 }

Circular rice paddies in Sapa, Vietnam
Circular rice paddies in Sapa, Vietnam

Exploring the Rice Fields of Sapa, Viet Nam

Located high in a northern Viet Nam mountain range, Sapa is a backpacker mecca and home to some of the most stunning rice terraces and fields I have ever seen.

While it’s possible to spend days trekking through the hills without a guide, the most common way to explore the area is with a tour. That’s what my wife, Carrie, and I did back in 2009 when we spent a day following a local guide and accompanied by a large group of indigenous Xao and Hmong tribeswomen.

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To learn more about the hike and my opinions on the role that traditional culture plays in today’s touristic society, I invite you to read my journal entry from the experience:

The Hills are Alive with Rice Fields and Local Tribeswomen in Sapa

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Where are your favorite rice fields in the world?