A NOTE FROM GREG: There’s something fun about a timeshare. Whether you’re staying in the same place year after year or going somewhere new each time, you’re sure to get a beautiful spot for a vacation.

While I’ve never been a part of a timeshare, I know that many of this site’s readers are. That’s why I asked my friend David to write an article on this very subject. Here’s what he came up with …


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What’s a timeshare?

No one ever said traveling the world was cheap. There’s flights, hotels, excursions, food, drink – you name it. Everything adds up eventually. Many countries have low cost hostels you can stay in to offset some of the cost, but it can get tiresome living out of a $20/night dorm room day in and day out.

Hostels are great for a few nights though. If you’re looking to splurge without breaking the bank too much, try out a timeshare resale rental on your next trip. It’s going to be much nicer than a hostel and, depending on where you’re at, might not cost a whole lot more.

If you’re unfamiliar with timeshare, it is simply one or two weeks of vacation time at a resort or a network of resorts each year or every other year. Timeshares are usually sold at a resort in a popular tourist destination such as Orlando, Disney, Las Vegas and Branson, but they can be found all over the world. Many people buy timeshares for the cost savings over time as well as the discounts, perks and guaranteed availability at their chosen resort.


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Super deals on timeshares

A timeshare resale is pretty much the same thing as a timeshare, but it is for sale by owner which means it is up to 50% off the price you’d pay to a resort directly. This can result in savings of thousands and thousands of dollars if you’re looking to purchase a timeshare. What many don’t know is that you can actually rent these timeshare resales rather than buy them.

When you rent a timeshare resale you’re renting from an existing owner who, for whatever reason, is unable to use their week and simply wants to try and get something before it’s too late. This can result in a timeshare owner advertising their timeshare for rent for a ridiculously low price.

For example, one timeshare resale website called BuyaTimeshare.com has several excellent deals in Orlando right now. Some timeshare owners are advertising their entire timeshare weeks for rent for as low as $50 at the Bluegreen Resort’s The Fountains. The Bluegreen Resort’s The Fountain is a highly rated resort in Orlando and typically rents out a room for $144 per night. $50 for a week comes out to just $7 per night, so that’s a whopping 95% off retail!

These deals aren’t available everywhere, and many times you need to book many months in advance to secure the deal. With a little planning though, you can have a nice little getaway for next to nothing. Let me know of any questions in the comments below!