{ Say Cheese }

because there’s nothing more universal than a smiling face
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Smile - a part of The Symmetry Project
Smile – a part of The Symmetry Project

Say Cheese // a part of the Symmetry Project

The Symmetry Project is my graphical interpretation of how our every-day lives and activities are mirrored around the globe.

A lifetime of exploring our world has helped me realize that all people have the same core needs and responsibilities. They only look different the further I get from home.

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Around the world, there’s nothing quite like a smile.

Fun Fact: The person smiling in the right nostril is none-other than my darling wife Carrie
Fun Fact: The person smiling in the right nostril is none-other than my darling wife Carrie

Smiles are a universal sign of friendship, happiness, and camaraderie. They also are an integral part of non-verbal communication around the world.While traveling, I consider it my goal to get an authentic smile out of everyone I meet. This is true in my portrait photography and my life in general. For me, there’s no greater joy than turning that frown upside down.

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Is your smile forced or real?

Some will argue that smiling for a photograph doesn’t capturing the person in their natural form. Sure, but only if it’s the fake “how long do I have to hold this smile for” version.

To get the real thing, all it takes is a moment of trust or silliness – a brief respite from the pressure of posing. This is even true for cultures that encourage stern faces when posing for a photograph.

To me, any smile is beautiful. From birth, it’s a core part of who we all are. So rather than trying to hide it, I say: Say Cheese!

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Interacting with the Symmetry Project

Comprising of four finished pieces, the Symmetry Project is ready for gallery display, purchase, licensing, and commission: but I need your help spreading the word.

Any social shares, links from your Web site, promotion ideas, gallery suggestions,
introductions, feedback, etc, would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!

~Greg Goodman