GUEST POST SUMMARY: My Catalan friend Maria is back with an article on my favorite topic: food!


“I’ve always strongly believed in the popular saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” This is the reason why I never enter a Spanish restaurant when I am abroad. If I am in China, I’ll prefer to eat Chinese food than Spanish, Italian or Indian food, for example.

Canton Cafe in Prewitt, New Mexico
Mmmm … Chinese and American food

Unless, and here comes the reason why I am writing this post- you live thousands of miles away from the country whose food you want to eat. I mean, I live in Barcelona and sometimes I eat at Chinese restaurants just because it takes too long and too much money to go Beijing for a fried wanton. So, the least we can do before eating at a non-local restaurant is to make sure it’s a good place and that they are not fakes.

This is a fact that happens a lot with Spanish restaurants abroad. Many times they are self-called Spanish but actually the only Spanish thing they have is the name and the owners are Cubans, Mexicans or from some Spanish speaking country. In this case, don’t expect food to have anything to do with the Spanish because these countries are an ocean of distance away.

That said, after some research, I’ve found these restaurants where 100% Spanish recipes are guaranteed in New York:



New York City's Empire State Building
New York City’s Empire State Building

1492 at 60, Clinton Street
Its appearance is that of an average Spanish bar. And the menu is completely Spanish.
Average prices 7-10$/tapa. A good place for groups.

Centro Español 239 West 14th St.
This is a small redoubt of Spaniards living in their apartments in New York. This is why it’s called “centre”, it’s like an association, but it’s open to everyone, so go there and taste the most similar thing to my mother’s Spanish omelette! Moreover, it’s cheap.

Gitana 249 Columbus Ave.
It’s a very intimate place, perfect to go with your couple. Service is excellent, food is authentic. Prices are not overrated. (Do not confuse with Gitana Chicago)

Kaña 324 Spring Street
You’ll eat well at Kaña. From 11pm it’s a place to dance (see, this is a thing we don’t do in Spain, restaurants are restaurants and clubs are clubs). Despite this fact, this place serve very good food at very competitive prices, so… no doubt you have to prove it if you are living at one of the New York apartments.

Although -please reply if you do not agree- you’ll never eat Spanish food the same way you do in Spain. The same way I’ll never eat a hot dog in Spain the same way you do in New York.”

Maria Climent is a 27-year-old Catalan lady currently living in Barcelona who after studying translation decided her life was odd enough to study humour scriptwritting. This is how now she works as a blogger and lives hidden after this nickname @noparoporcasa