A Note From Greg: While I’ve never been to Australia, it’s pretty high on my list. For me, it’s all about exploring the pristine outback and the Syndey nightlife. That said, for most locals, life in Australia is about one thing … SPORTS! Here to tell us all about it is my friend Jose Reyes. Take it away, Jose.


It’s no secret that Australia is a sport-obsessed nation. They play just about every sport under the sun – plus the ones they’ve invented themselves. So on any trip Down Under, adventurers and travelers should make sure to take in as much sport as is humanly possible. There’s no better place to soak in the Aussie atmosphere than in the crowd for a live sporting event, where fans will be going nuts to root their teams to victory. So if you want to see the real Australia, skip the beaches and the barbecues and make it down to a sports venue.

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Australian Football League

Victoria might be the smallest state in the country, but it makes up for size with its diehard passion for the Australian Football League, or the AFL. The sport may be a bit tricky for outsiders to understand at first – but once you’ve got an idea of the rules, it’s hard not to marvel at the incredible athleticism and stamina required for AFL players, who criss-cross a huge spherical field throughout their grueling games. Make sure you see a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or ‘The G’ as locals call it – there’s no more impressive sight than seeing 100,000 fans fill this huge amphitheater to watch some elite AFL action.


‘MCG June 2014’ by Mertie via Flickr

National Rugby League

The AFL might have the southern part of Australia caught on its hook, but if you find yourself in Queensland or elsewhere at the top of the country, it’s likely that the NRL will be all the rage. The league takes over the country every year, and it’s easy to see why; this is the most hardcore and skilled rugby league tournament on the planet. You can be sure that any Aussies you meet on your travels will know their stuff, too, so it’s probably best to brush up on the rules and pick a team if you haven’t already. You could even place a wager to make things more interesting. Take a look at Oddschecker for the latest odds for this year’s Grand Final winner, with the match taking place on September 3oth.

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When people think of Australian sport, a lot of minds will immediately go to cricket – perhaps the game which Australia has mastered more than any other. There’s no shortage of options regarding how to get your cricket fix in the country, either. You could take in a game at the MCG, or enjoy the Big Bash League. The BBL has teams from just about all over the country and was most recently won by the Adelaide Strikers – wherever you end up in Australia, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a nearby cricket club which would welcome a few extra supporters.


‘Australian Open 2015’ by Tourism Victoria via Flickr

The Australian Open

If you’re in the country at the start of the year, the Australian Open should be top of your bucket list. One of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, it will provide a rare opportunity to watch legends like Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, and Andy Murray take to the court – and since we’re coming to the end of these incredible players’ careers, you might want to get down to Melbourne and watch them in the flesh as soon as possible. Aussie fans love to cheer on their own, as well, and with a group of talented young Australian players making waves on the world scene, now is the ideal time to enjoy this famous tournament.

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Many international travelers might have to get used to calling European football ‘soccer’ when they arrive in Australia – the country’s first football love is the AFL. But this is a growing sport in Australia, and investment in the national league has seen fans flock to stadiums across the country to take in some action. So jump on the bandwagon and see some A-League games while you’re in town.

Is there any country more crazy for live sport than Australia? If there is, we’re yet to find it – so any trip to the country must include some of these sporting offerings. Once you’ve left, you’ll have fallen in love with at least three or four new sports and enjoyed some of the best atmospheres in the world.