We live in an enchanted universe – full of infinite possibilities and potential.

Our bodies and life-force are no different than the stars above.

Same energy. Different arrangement.

The stars above Harbin Hot Springs in California, USA
The stars above Harbin Hot Springs in California, USA

Timelapse Stargazing – a video

Stargazing may be humanity’s oldest past time.

Since the dawn of time, we have craned our necks towards the cosmos with a mix of awe, appreciation and hope.

Surrounding our planet, 14 billion years of energy, life, knowledge and existence await discovery.


Light. Color. Magic

Even when our celestial view is obscured by a veil of a bright city, the night sky is full of light, color and magic.

While this truth may be invisible to the naked eye, the camera lens sees all.

What follows is a timelapse video of the night sky above California’s Harbin Hot Springs – as created on April 11, 2015.


Astral Photography:  a quick how-to

The timelapse video you just watched was created using 583 photographs – taken over a 10 hour period.

Each image is seen on screen for 1/30th of a second.


After setting my camera on a tripod, I used the following settings:

  • 30 second exposure
  • f/5 aperture
  • ISO 1,600
  • 78mm focal length

The stars above Harbin Hot Springs

Finally, I used a remote shutter release cable to keep the camera working while I slept.

On the right is a sample of what a single 30-second exposure looks like.


Hundreds of photos become 1

After making the video, I compiled the photos into a massive (49 gigabyte) Photoshop file.

From that, I created all the star trail photographs you see on this page.

Each one features a distinct period of the evening: sunset, the night sky and sunrise.


Here’s a great tutorial of how to do it – in case you want to try this at home.

Reconnect with your true self

Our breath is the first step on the journey towards self-realization.

All we have to do is look inside and find that place of inner peace.

(easier said than done, I know)

From there, our true nature becomes clear: we all are a living, breathing and loving part of the same life-force.


What does this have to do with star trails?

I created the video and photos on this page during a Breathwork Retreat with the Paititi Institute.

For four days, we used the power of our breath – along with the support of the collective unconscious – to reconnect to our true selves.

By consciously breathing, our group was able to unlock memories, release stale patterns and continue down the path of personal and spiritual growth.


. . .

Click here for the story of how Paititi changed my life forever in the Amazon Rainforest

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A compilation of astral photographs above Harbin Hot Springs in California, USA
A compilation of astral photographs above Harbin Hot Springs in California, USA


I highly recommend the Paititi Institute to every single person on earth.


~ Love and compassion to all sentient beings ~