A 7-Eleven located just outside a monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven in Thailand

7-Eleven is Everywhere in Thailand

We met a group of girls while volunteering at Sadhana Forest who told us that we would spend tons of time in 7-Eleven in Thailand. As we usually try to live like the locals do we could not fathom how this could possibly be true…until we arrived in Bangkok.

No joke, there is a 7-Eleven on every block. Sometimes, right across the street from another one. They offer the cheapest bottled water around (of which we usually buy 4-5 a day, in a colossal waste of plastic), have tons of snacks and all stores pump out the air conditioning.


Inside a Thai 7-Eleven in Buri Ram, Thailand
Inside a Thai 7-Eleven

Arctic Temperatures in 7-Eleven

Pao — aka pork buns — were my favorite treat at 7-Eleven
Pao — aka pork buns — were my favorite treat at 7-Eleven

Some times we need to buy something; other times we are just sweating bullets and want to cool off. Either way, the best place to do either of these things is, sadly, 7-Eleven. No joke, some times we just go in there and walk around the shop pretending to look at things, just to get out of the sweltering heat for a few minutes.

Carrie and I once bought Slurpees and drank them inside while perusing the DVDs and magazines…all in Thai. Even after leaving Bangkok, 7-Elevens still pepper the landscape and we have finally accepted that we will continue to give this massive conglomerate our money as long as they keep their stores nice and cold.


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