A NOTE FROM GREG: This post and all the images in it were provided by my friend Arpi. Enjoy!

The South Caucasus is a wonderland for professional photographers. Turn around and you will catch priceless shots of the nature, people, architecture and, what is most spectacular, the unique color of the sky. Three ancient civilizations with amazing architecture and picture-perfect nature are waiting for you to complete your portfolio with creative photos. So get the contrast of your camera to the highest and let’s hit the road.

In this post we will tell you about the remote from noisy cities areas where you can enjoy creative inspiration and have a great photo tour in the lap of pristine nature. Almost all the routes below are highlighted with impressive architectural masterpieces.

While travelling around the South Caucasus you will realize that the region has a great historical and cultural heritage and it is impossible to have a cultural immersion without the help of a professional guides. We very much like the routes and itineraries of these Caucasus Tours.


The ruins of Zvartnots, Armenia

The ruins of the 5th-century temple are now one of the best examples of medieval architecture of Armenia. The restored model of the temple shows the level of development of architecture and civilization. Though in ruins, you can see the carvings and ornaments decorating the columns of the temple. After a close investigation of the “stage”, the columns and the background, it is time to catch the best lighting. By the way, the most impressive shoots can be done either at sunrises or sunsets when the sun rays set the horizon in flames and create unimaginable contrasts while breaking through the columns. Here you can endlessly play with the shadows.

Garni Temple, Armenia

Armenia’s architectural monuments are mostly churches and monasteries and Garni temple is the only standing architectural monument of paganism. Built by the Romans in the II century BC in Greek style the temple presents unique reproduction of popular Acropolis. Garni is dedicated to the Son God Mihr and the temple is the symbol of light. It has 24 columns symbolizing 24 hours and a stone jar in the center that once was filled with oil or water to reflect sun rays.

The temple itself is a wonderful background for photos and yet the canyon behind the temple with fantastic views makes the panorama even more complete. At night, the temple is illuminated with lights so regardless of the time of the day you will catch super-cool shots.

Noravank Monastery, Armenia

This beautiful architectural masterpiece is surrounded by bloody-red cliffs. In the background you can see a picturesque canyon with caves and nesting eagle sanctuary. The twisted road passes through the canyon and this scenery can also be a great place for a photoshoot.

The monastery itself is built on a high flat rock. On one side it overlooks the gorge, from the other side it is protected with rocks and the whole composition looks so flawless.

Dilijan, Armenia

Next destination is “Paradise” and yes, there is a true piece of paradise in the mountains of Armenia that offers magnificent views to the woods and mountains. Dilijan resort town is popular with its pure nature, clear mountain air, natural springs and, of course, Dilijan National park with its coniferous forests. You can stay in the town and take photos of the landscapes, or you can head to the closest sights: Lake Parz and Lake Gosh, Haghartsin and Goshavanq monasteries. Regardless of your choice, you will enjoy Dilijan and your photoshoot.

Lastiver, Armenia

And the final stop in Armenia will be Lastiver, mysterious land that was inhabited since prehistoric times. Your photoshoot will begin much sooner when you are still on the road from village Enokavan to Lastiver. The road passes through gorges, rocky cliffs, and forests. Your “fellow traveler” will be mountain eagle with its gracious flight.

Going deep into the woods you will find wooden houses to have a rest and get ready to the most interesting part of the journey. On the slopes of the gorge, there is a cave with wall carvings. At the bottom of the gorge, there is a beautiful waterfall. The entire scene looks so mysterious especially early in the morning when the weather is still foggy.

Stepantsminda, Georgia

The first thing to do when in Georgia is to head to the mountains and you will not only find some smashing landscapes to shoot but also peace and tranquility. Georgia is all about mountains and mountainous views but there is a place that cannot be compared with anything else. Kazbegi Mountain, an extinct volcano is believed to be the place where Zeus chained Prometheus for stealing fire. True or false, Karbegi do looks majestic.

Karzbegi is best seen from Stepantsminda, a popular destination for its nature and landscapes. Another great view can be captured in valleys with Tsminda Sameba Church standing at the hilltop.

Sighnaghi, Georgia

From the harsh climate and striking views of Tusheti let’s create some romantic mood. From all the romantic cities and destinations of Georgia, we have chosen the one with the most romantic name. Believe it or not, there is a town called “The city of Love”. How about falling in love in Sighnaghi? Or at least you will have a chance to catch loving couples in your lens.

Sighnaghi is located in Alazani valley, Kakheti region, the land of wine and winemaking so the scenes of chateaus and vineyards will be the next theme of your photoshoot. “The city of Love” is a small town with brick walls, red-tiled roofs, and narrow streets. This cute city is just perfect for a honeymoon.

Martvili Canyon, Georgia

If you are looking for exotic views for a new photoshoot there is no need to travel to an exotic island. You can simply visit Martili canyon and viola, you are in paradise. This heavenly beautiful canyon is located not far from Kutaisi town. With 2.4 km length canyon is a real wonder with waterfalls, steep rocks, liana, and turquoise color of the water. The best activity of the canyon is sailing on the boat to the waterfalls. During the whole journey, your camera will be non-stop capturing the gorgeous nature and the colors of Martvili.

Tsikhisdziri, Georgia

The exotic theme will not be complete without the views of the Black Sea coast and Adjara will be your final destination. There are many places where you can find your inspiration yet we are looking for the best one and the name to remember is Tsikhisdziri. It is hard to pronounce and even harder to forget.

Tsikhisdziri is a small village that has become a popular touristic destination with the ruins of an ancient fortress of Petra. The citadel occupies the area of 2 ha and it used to be East Roman outpost on the VI century. The fortress is undoubtedly a valuable thing to be captured but there are still isolated beaches of Black Sea waiting for your creative manifestation.

Gobustan, Azerbaijan

The first destination in Azerbaijan is Gobustan national park. There are two reasons why it should be the first place to visit. One of them is its location; Gobustan is located not far from the capital. The second and more important factor is the view of Gobustan that is cosmic. The mud volcanoes of the park with grey cracked earth and bursting hearths look like a view from Mars. Isn’t it great to have such a unique panorama on earth?

Besides mud volcanoes, there will be rocks with carvings of first men. There were found about 6000 rock carvings dating back to 40.000 years. There are pictured scenes of haunting, battle scenes, the man himself and animals.

Sheki, Azerbaijan

If you are looking for bright colors mixed with beautiful nature, Sheki is the best choice in Azerbaijan. This is one of the settlements on the Silk Road that later turned into a small town. Here you will have a lot of close-ups. The architecture strikes with its color contrast and ornaments. The buildings are decorated with colored tiles, the windows are made of mosaic glass and the whole composition is completed with bright colored roofs. The reproduction of traditional architecture is aimed to attract tourists, and guess what, it works.

Qabala, Azerbaijan

Qabala is a popular touristic destination thanks to its pure air and a gorgeous panorama of Caucasus mountains. The small resort town is surrounded by forests and mountain chains. In the heart of the forest, there is hidden a lake with green water; the isolated place is a perfect escape from all the negative of the big city.

Besides the natural sights, there are several historical monuments in Qabala that will interest you with their authenticity.

Goygol Lake, Azerbaijan

Lake Goygol is another picture-perfect place in Azerbaijan that may become a popular desktop image. The lake stretching 3 kilometers has appeared in the XII century after a devastating earthquake. It is true; nature is flawless and even destruction can create perfection.

After taking a hundred and one shots of the lake head to the closest villages to snap the locals, their houses and lifestyle.