Sunrise dancing at the Full Moon Party in Thailand

Observations from The Full Moon Party

Full Moon party Thailand costume
People in costumes everywhere

Our train ride from the Thai border crossing to Surat Thani may have been the buggiest ever. At one point or another we must have had every single type of insect known to man fly, fall or land on us.

A guy walking down the aisle of the train selling newspapers said “no” instead of excuse me when he needed people to get out of his way. That, and “good morning” seemed to be the only words he knew.

In our group, two people lost three pairs of flip flops.

It was great to have AC and just relax during the day.

This was the first time in my life I saw the sunrise three days in a row.

Our full moon party crew was the biggest group we’ve traveled with in all of our travels.

Welcome to the Full Moon Party
Welcome to the Full Moon Party

All the stores in town sell used flip flops found on the beach. We joked that if we looked hard enough we might find one of Claire or Karen’s missing pairs.

You could even buy single flip flops if you wanted to create your own mismatched pair.

At one point there was a very short man dressed like a leprechaun dancing on a stage.

Our bus from Surat Thani to Bangkok stopped about 15 minutes into the ride for a rest stop and announced that it would be the final one of the 8 hour ride. This came after leaving 30 minutes late.

The trains in Thailand are amazingly clean. On our ride to Chang Mai the floors must have been swept a dozen times.

Second class trains also serve food and beverages for free.