When I moved across the country from New York City to San Francisco, I thought I was coming out for a slice of the good life with California weather.

Daily shorts and flip flops were my dream, though once I got here I soon realized that sweatshirts and layers were the reality. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood where I live.


St Ignatius Church in San Francisco, California
St Ignatius Church in San Francisco, California

Foggy Views from Buena Vista Park

Nearby, in Buena Vista park, I am frequently treated to the sight of the fog rolling by at varying speeds in front of my view of the University of San Francisco’s St Ignatius Church.

One day I just set my camera on video mode, rested it on a ledge and filmed for nearly 20 minutes. These clips are my first attempt at a speedup video, set to the tune of Phillip Glass in honor of my father, Daniel Robert Goodman.

A History of Saint Ignatius Church in San Francisco, California

Saint Ignatius Church is a church on the campus of the University of San Francisco in San Francisco, California. The church serves a parish of the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco and is the university’s chapel. Saint Ignatius Church is staffed by priests of the Society of Jesus and is dedicated to the Society’s founder, Ignatius of Loyola.

The present Saint Ignatius is the fifth such church to be built in San Francisco. Its history runs parallel to that of USF: the very first Saint Ignatius was built in 1855 as a small wood-frame church beside a schoolhouse that became Saint Ignatius Academy, USF’s predecessor.

The Market Street location was later rebuilt as a larger brick church which attracted many of San Francisco’s Catholics away from established parishes. This led to a dispute between Saint Ignatius’ first pastor, Father Anthony Maraschi, S.J. and Archbishop Joseph Alemany which resulted in the archdiocese stripping Saint Ignatius of its parish status in 1863.

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