A NOTE FROM GREG: When I was 13 – just about 14 – I spent a wonderful summer in Alicante, Spain. Now, nearly two decades later, I am just a few months away from my return to Spain and hope to revisit Alicante…as well as some of the towns nearby. This new guest post is getting me pretty excited.


Benidorm is one of the most popular resorts in Spain, a beautiful place located on the sunny Costa Blanca, at just 60 kilometers away from the Alicante International Airport. The location makes Benidorm a very easy to reach holiday destination, while its attractions and entertainment opportunities make it the perfect place for a memorable vacation.


Why Tourists Love Benidorm

What tourist’s first notice about Benidorm is its amazing setting: it is located between two sandy bays which are connected by a rocky promontory. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and it represents one of the reasons why people keep booking cheap holidays to Benidorm.


Having A Cheap Holiday in Benidorm

5258580711_8c956a1379_zHow is it possible to have a cheap holiday in such a beautiful place? Well, booking flights with a few months in advance is going to help you save a lot of money. Then, once you are in Benidorm, you should know that the accommodation is much cheaper in vacation villas.

There are numerous people who own vacation villas in Benidorm, Spain, which can be rented by groups. If you are travelling with your friends, then you can share the costs and obtain a beautiful, traditional villa with pool and a spectacular garden just for you and your friends! If you also decide to discover Benidorm by yourself, without the help of a guide, you will also save a lot of money.


Enjoying Benidorm to the Fullest

Benidorm, Spain, is a place with welcoming people who are always ready to share all they have with you. They will tell you which are the best tourist attractions and the restaurants that serve the most delicious local dishes. Enjoying Benidorm for not too much money is possible, so you should take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest! It surely is going to be a once in a lifetime experience!


Sunset Photo by chitinm
Flower Photo by Jose Javier