GUEST POST SUMMARY: I first came across the Singapore Zoo in the middle of a 36 hour whirlwind visit to the country. Even my wife Carrie, who is normally not a “zoo person,” was amazed by the splendor of the place.



Attractions at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is one of the biggest attractions in Singapore. The zoo became famous with its ‘’open’’ concept which has been adopted around the world. The huge Singapore attraction is set in spectacular rainforest environment and it is home for 2,500 specimens of animals, reptiles and insects. Out of them, 36% represent endangered species, as the Singapore Zoo is implicated into a very important breeding and conservation program.


Two orangutans in the Singapore Zoo
Carrie looks at two orangutans in the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo and Its “Open” Concept

The ‘’open’’ concept introduce by the Singapore Zoo is a learning concept. The main role of this concept is to help people learn as much as possible about the animals they are observing. There are numerous educational exhibits that have been designed in a very interactive way and everyone is welcomed to all of them.

For example, the Jungle Breakfast (with wildlife) is one of the most interesting and most popular programs available at the Singapore Zoo.


A baboon and his colorful butt at the Singapore Zoo
A baboon and his colorful butt at the Singapore Zoo

Booking Your Flight to Singapore

In order to enjoy the wonders that Singapore Zoo has to offer, one has to first check the flights to Singapore. There are numerous air flight companies that have flights to Singapore, but finding one to fit your budget can be quite a problem.

Singapore is a very popular destination and millions of people from all over the world want to visit it. As result, the demand for flights is huge and the airline companies ask bigger prices for tickets. However, finding cheap flights is not impossible; even though it is difficult, it can be done if you start visiting websites that book flights a few months in advance.


A white tiger at the Singapore Zoo
A white tiger at the Singapore Zoo