Welcome to Round 92 of #PhotoRoulette

Since 2010, travel bloggers have been competing in this illustrious game; which lets us show off our favorite photos from around the world.

Each round’s theme is chosen by the winner of the previous round.

Which means, thanks to Travis at Flashpacker HQ, I’m proud to announce that Round 92’s theme is…



Carrie and Lauren do acro yoga at sunrise in Yosemite National Park
Wow! Acro Yoga at Yosemite National Park


The Manhattan skyline from atop Rockefeller Center
Wow! The Manhattan skyline from atop Rockefeller Center


A devotee is surrounded by 12,999 monks in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wow! 12,999 monks in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Let’s talk about WOW!

It’s a new year full of endless possibilities and limitless creativity. Let’s be free of constraints and share images that make our hearts sing!

I want to see a photo that you love.

A photo that you look at and say,


Holy moly!

This may be my favorite photo!

I can’t believe I took that.

It’s amazing.

I’m so proud.

I totally rock!


That’s it… share your WOW with the world!




A  N  D     T  H  E     W  I  N  N  E  R     IS . . .


WOW! I mean, WOW! I’ve spent the past decade traveling our world and have never seen anything like Claire’s photo.

The image succeeds on so many levels. Technically, it makes great use of the road as a leading line; and the lone car provides an epic sense of scale.

It also stimulates my imagination; as I find myself totally drawn into the photo and getting lost in the wall of ice.

Finally, the fact that Claire made the photo from a bus window is icing on the cake. If anything, it reminds us all that just because you’re going 80 kph doesn’t mean you can’t take a great photo.



Submitted by Claire at ZigZag on Earth I recently visited Iceland and have some great shots of stunning landscapes. However there is this one pretty simple pictures that each time I look at it I think WOW, it was really awesome and I can't believe I took it from the bus.
Submitted by Claire at ZigZag on Earth
I recently visited Iceland and have some great shots of stunning landscapes. However there is this one pretty simple pictures that each time I look at it I think WOW, it was really awesome and I can’t believe I took it from the bus. 

Submitted by: Clelia from Keep Calm and Travel

It’s a spectacular sunset in Indonesia. Why this photo has the “Wow” factor? two reasons:

1) I still can’t believe I took this picture! seriously. It’s too good to be mine!

2) I wasn’t expecting to see such an incredible sunset. I got lost into the jungle and when I found my way out of it, guess what were my first words? “WOW” !


Submitted by: Travel Addicts

This is sunset over Sentinel Peak, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. I just love this shot.


Submitted by WanderFit

We really enjoy the beauty in simple nature shots; just seeing so many wonderful features of our planet going on with their life is a pleasure.


Submitted by Dare2Go

This sight literally made me jump out of bed and grab my camera (and I’m usually a slow starter in the mornings, I need my breakfast and coffee first), so that was certainly a “wow” moment.

When we arrived in the afternoon, the Perito Moreno glacier was covered in mist and slight drizzle – not much to see. So we camped there (in our RV) over night, and the next morning the sun rose over the glacier, with dark cloud rolling in from the mountains.

Within less than 15 minutes everything was again covered in low cloud and rain…


Submitted by Zara Quiroga at Backpack ME

This photo of the Northern Lights (aka Aurora Borealis) was taken last December in Tromso, Northern Norway.

It is not easy to “catch” the Northern Lights but after driving away from town to a dark area, we managed to see this show put up by Nature in the sky.

Amazing waves of bright green light were above us and we managed to capture this one on an image. Surreal and so beautiful, it almost made us forget that the temperature was -20C!!


Submitted by Charli and Ben at Wanderlusters

We’re submitting this shot of a moray eel tucked away in the depths of New Zealand’s Poor Knights Island. Underwater photography poses a whole host of additional challenges such as low light levels and the fact that you’re dependant on your buoyancy and a steady hand to focus your shot.

We love the composition, colour and sharp focus of this shot, it’s one of our favourites from our live aboard dive trip in NZ!


Submitted by Jeremy at Living the Dream
My favorite WOW photo comes from Easter Island where we had Ahu Tongariki all to ourselves and spent some time getting a jumping selfie using my SLR on self-timer. We got this shot right before my tripod fell apart (in my hands, thankfully).


Submitted by Chris at Backpacker Banter

My WOW moment comes from Byron Bay in Australia. I’ve dabbled in surf photography a bit but it’s incredibly frustrating and a combination of skill and sheer luck!

This shot of my buddy Pat getting tubed is easily my best in water shot – nicely framed, great colours and captured at the right split second. Every time I look at it I’m still as stoked as when I saw it in the camera display on the beach!

I got totally nailed in the head by the wave he was on (and a couple after) but it was totally worth it!


Submitted by Quit Job Travel World

Our WOW photo was taken at the Ardbeg Whisky Distillery on the island of Islay, Scotland. We are both whisky “enthusiasts” (see: booze hounds) and spent 2 weeks driving all over Scotland visiting distilleries before we left the UK, and we had an incredible time.

I took this quick panorama on my phone, and when looking back at it later thought it was a great photo and it always reminds me of that trip. It was a stunning day to sit in the Ardbeg warehouse drinking drams drawn right from the cask.


Submitted by Dana Buhnea at Keychain Photographer

PRIVATE SUNSET: Watching the sun go down from our own very private island in Honduras! This whole day was WOW and I can’t believe I actually lived to have a private island all to myself for 2 days…WOW!!!

This little beauty was similar in size to the one you can see in the distance, near the sun going down. Renting it for one night was simply one of the most incredible experiences of my life and this photo talks about that experience


Submitted by James at Fly Icarus Fly
Here’s my WOW moment, taken in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania. Just the perfect backdrop of flamingo-filled lake with zebras in the forefront. One of the most spectacular places I’ve ever been!


Submitted by Lauren at The World Please
Here’s mine, taken a few months ago in Kampala’s Bwaise slum. These kids were running around like mad chooks in their shanty village, posing for every camera and every photo…but I managed to snap this little boy in a rare moment of seriousness. His eyes just get me every single time I look at them.


Submitted by Irina at Trips That Work
We were the last people at this very popular lookout in Torres del Paine national park in Chile. It was past 8 pm and we were about to leave when this fox entered the scene. It walked very confidently around the whole place, moving rocks and foraging for food dropped by tourists.

It was very comfortable around me and I just couldn’t believe my luck! I must have taken a hundred shots, but none of them could get the mountains in until this one – my favourite.


Submitted by Nomadic Lives

We were driving to the timeless lake of Ullswater in the Lakelands of North-west England when we turned a bend and caught a break from the absolute enchanting cover of pine trees on our left. We passed the clearing in a moment since we were moving at a fair speed, but we simply couldn’t come to peace with having passed such an unbelievable sight and took a U-turn after a couple of kilometers.

After using multiple filters, changing countless settings & god knows how many attempts on the DSLR, we finally managed to capture this incredible sunset…the beauty of this moment can only be expressed by the fact that this picture, as amazing as it is…still doesn’t do much justice to the real sight 🙂


Submitted by Gianni at Nomad is Beautiful

This was taken in Greece. The historical bridge of Plaka is the widest single arch stone-made bridge in the Balkans. For me the WOW factor was this simple reflection. You could see this ‘ring’ only in that exact spot. Only few centimetres left or right, or one step ahead or back and this magic would no be available to the eyes. Photos like this always teach me that exploring and researching different angles can change completely the view of a place.


Submitted by Carole at Berkeley and Beyond

I shot this urban scene in Reykjavik, Iceland. It depicts the purple WOW Airlines building, as seen from the 1909 Höfði House where presidents Mikhail Gorbachov and Ronald Reagan met for the Reykjavik summit in 1986.


Submitted by Dave at Travel Transmissions

Scanning through my photos, the Schwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar made my eyes bug outta my head. I’d forgotten about the splendor of its gold plated walls and its 76 karat diamond tip.


Submitted by Daniel from GlobeTrekking

How to Submit

Entering the contest is super easy.  Just leave a comment below with a link to the image. Please also include a little story about why this is your WOW image.

Once you’ve added your comment, I’ll add the image to the contest.  Don’t forget to check back in during the week to see the other submissions and join the conversation by leaving comments for others.

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The Fine Print

Here’s the skinny: Winner of the last round of Travel Photo Roulette hosts the next round on their blog.

Our friend, the winner, picks a new theme and invites bloggers to submit photos over the course of one week(ish). At the end, a new winner is chosen.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Couldn’t be easier.

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  • One submission per blog
  • Post processing/digital editing/retouching/cropping/whatever you want… for this round, it’s all allowed!
  • Abstract submissions are welcome. But if you want to win, it’s probably best that the judge understands your interpretation.
  • Hosts should keep themes general so all bloggers can participate. Avoid specifics like ‘Eiffel Tower’; instead choose a more open theme, like ‘monuments’ or ‘monuments at night’.
  • Abstract thoughts can be fun, as long as everyone can understand. ‘Overlooking creation’ is good, ‘Kafkaesque’ is not.
  • No obscene photos or themes allowed. Suggestive themes and photography might be accepted, but be careful. Remember, the host is all-powerful.
  • Themes may be reused after a period of time; however new photos must be submitted. Keep it fresh!
  • You do not have to take the photo within the week of the contest period to submit it.
  • Most importantly: ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN.
  • Spread the word about Travel Photo Roulette and use the hashtag #PhotoRoulette.
  • Last, but not least: It’s a game, so have fun with it.

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