22 of the Weirdest & Grossest Chip Flavors in Thai 7-Elevens

Strange Chips in Thailand’s 7-Elevens

7-Elevens across Thailand are like beacons of air conditioned goodness. Inside their shiny tiled floors and packed aisles, rows of chips with strange flavors line the shelves.

Lobster, Duck, Seaweed and Salad = Salt

A lover of the salty snack, I’ve been known to go into a 7-Eleven in Thailand, find the strangest chips I can, and sample them.

Fried Shrimp Chips
Fried Shrimp Chips

This is often much to the disgust of my loving wife…or anyone else we are with. But where and when else in life am I going to have the chance to sample:

// Lobster Hot Plate

/// Japanese Seaweed

//// Peking Duck With Sauce

/// Crab Fried Rice

// Buttered Corn

/ Hot & Spicy Crab

Most of the time, these chips from 7-Eleven don’t taste anything like their name. Fish, meat, seaweed and sushi are all just marketing terms for one thing: salty!



American and Thai Chips at 7-Eleven

In addition to all of these strange (by American standards) chip flavors, 7-Elevens in Thailand also are chock-full of some favorites from home. Alongside the duck, pork, squid and pizza snacks are a full line of salted, sour cream & onion, barbeque and more.

But those are far less interesting, so instead, here’s a video of me highlighting some more strange chip flavors at a 7-Eleven in Chiang Mai, Thailand

More Strange Chips at 7-Eleven in Thailand

Some more strange flavors that I’ve encountered at 7-Elevens in Thailand include…

/ Chocolate

// Nori Seaweed

Peking Duck With Sauce
Peking Duck With Sauce

/// Hot Chili Squid


//// BBQ Crispy Pork

/// Curry

// Fried Shrimp

/ Honey, Garlic & Pork

/ Sweet & Spicy

// Extra Barbeque

/// French Salad

//// Taro Fish Snack

///// French Fries & Ketchup (with an actual packet of ketchup)

//// Prawn

/// Crab Curry

// Sushi

/ Pizza

A 7-Eleven in Buri Ram, Thailand -- that's me taking the photo and my wife Carrie looking on
A 7-Eleven in Buri Ram, Thailand — that’s me taking the photo and my wife Carrie looking on


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What strange chip or snack flavors have YOU encountered in your travels?

  • Terri

    Whoa! That’s pretty cool. I love looking at local fast food/convenient stores. It’s so funny to me how people’s palates are so different. 

    • Thanks for your reply, Terri. It never ceases to amaze me how different the exact same store can be. Then again, people probably come into 7-Elevens back in the USA and take photos of all the strange chip flavors we have there. Ranch flavor? WACKY! :)

  • I’d like to say I’d tried all of these flavours of chips when I was in Thailand; alas, I was too chicken!

    • That’s ok…you’re really not missing out on much except a few funny stories to tell people back home. Most of them are pretty gross. Thanks for your comment!

  • Gravinlovesdonat

    Do the chocolate flavor chips really taste salty?

    • No, you’ve got me there. They taste like chocolate :) Thanks for visiting and for your comment!

  • Irina from TripsThatWork

    Lay’s with Red Caviar – sold in Russia :)) I loved it while my non-Russian hubby hated hahaha

    • OMG, that sounds amazing. What did it taste like? Salt, like all the others? :)

      • haha naturally – like caviar!

  • Sarah

    Lived in China for many years .. Can see everything and anything here !!

    I just came back after five years, visiting my hubbys family and went shopping yesterday .. Picked up Cucumber with a hint of Mint Lays potato chips !!!!
    They taste pretty good, not too salty :):)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your blogs, all your photos and im literally addicted to ur website !! Cant thank u enough for sharing all of ur amazing experiences !!!

    • Thanks so much for your comments and kind words, Sarah. Now I want a bag of cucumber and mint chips. Sounds tasty!!!