A Note from Greg:

One day, I really want to visit Portugal. It seems like a dream come true for photography, with it’s winding cobblestone roads and old-world charm. While I make travel plans, here’s an article by Howard about visiting Porto. 

There is a lot more to Porto than those winding cobbled streets with picturesque houses and Baroque churches and warehouses with fortified port wine. The coastal city located in northwest Portugal is a World Heritage site, and the mercantile city lures tourists and travelers from near and far. It is indeed a destination that is a haven for any food enthusiast and wine lover.

Well, if you really want to see the real Porto, the best way to do is to go with a local. Get to discover Porto like you have never done before and uncover those hidden gems in the historic city that often go unnoticed. Get ready for some serious travel, and here are some of the most fun and amazing things to do and explore in Porto.

Porto – by SimpleThrill

1. A boat trip on the river

Go for a day cruise in Porto, and the boat trip on the river is indeed worth it. The trip starts from the famous bridge and takes a full day. Get gorgeous views of the city as well as the Douro Valley. It is indeed an unusual fun thing to do in Porto, and one must seriously consider doing this.

2. The lighthouses in Foz

Visit the naturally beautiful site, which is the meeting point of the Atlantic sea and Douro river. Walking in the area is very much like a powerwalk and infuses your body and mind with energy. The lighthouse is already a favorite place with the locals and is often missed out by many tourists. From the lighthouse, you can see the fishermen working in the sea and can feel the cool sea breeze as you look straight towards the sea. It is a mesmerizing experience filled with peaceful moments.

3. For great books and coffee

It is a must to go to Livraria Da Baixa, a bookstore and café if you love books and your coffee. Enjoy some of your favorite books with drinks, coffee, and music. It is indeed a relaxing experience as you sit in the charming atmosphere and sip your coffee with your book in your hands. Livraria Da Baixa is located in the trendiest place in the city and should not be missed out on.

4. Climb the Bridge

Another fun and interesting thing to do while in Porto is to climb the Arrábida bridge. From here, you can enjoy some amazing views of the city and its iconic landmarks.

5. For the love of photography

If you love taking pictures and are looking for unique moments, just go to the Portuguese Centre of Photography, which is located in an old prison. The jail is right in the middle of the city, and the huge dark stone building looks like a museum. You can learn all about the history of cameras and enjoy looking at temporary exhibitions. It is indeed worth visiting and introduces you to the pioneering tradition in Portuguese photography.

6. Best views of Porto from a park

Go to Jardins Do Palácio De Cristal, if you are looking for some stunning views of the city. The park, which is a botanical garden itself looks and feels like a fairy tale. Enjoy looking at some vast variety of plants and flowers like camellias, rhododendrons, ginko, giant magnolias, and a lot more. There are several peacocks too within the park, and the site is often used for sports events and concerts.

7. For the best sunsets in the city

You should not come back without enjoying the sunsets in Porto, and one of the best places to do so is Passeio das Virtudes, a beautiful garden. Moreover, it is a cool spot to relax and hang around with your friends and family. You could take your book and read it in a peaceful atmosphere, waiting for the glorious sunset.