GUEST POST OVERVIEW: I love to travel. But it seems that every time I leave home, I’ve left something for the last minute. This always leads to a stressful start to my trip. However, with this new guide written by my friend Eva, I just might think twice about some things before my next vacation.


Carrie's hat and glasses in India Going away on holiday is a fun thing we all love to do. But, the build up to departure day can be full of pitfalls and problems: not to mention stress!

If you want to enjoy the pre-departure days leading up to your long-awaited holiday, you simply have to change your mindset, cover a few bases and get yourself organized.

Sounds complicated? Not at all!


Organization is key

Having everything you need, exactly where it should be, ready for when you need it, is the first step to less stress. As you know, less stress means an easier time overall.

Check all your documents, print them out and keep them in a folder in your hand luggage. Also, make sure you have your passport in an easy-to-reach spot.


Don’t forget insurance

Adverse events are things we don’t really like to think about; especially when it comes to our long-awaited holidays. But, look at it this way: you’ve saved long and hard for your holiday; so, why would you leave things to chance?

Book your insurance ahead of time and you will have one less thing to worry about. You’ll find many different options available, including great value family travel insurance.


My passport had a Bolivian visa in it!
A page from my passport

Arrive early if possible

I’m not suggesting you arrive too early. But, a half an hour or an hour gives you time to be more leisurely about everything. It also cuts out the need for worry regarding delays on the roads. You can always go for a coffee while you wait for check-in to open.


Alter your mind

It’s easier said than done, but trying to stay calm and Zen about your travel day is a fast track to a stress-free journey.

You are going to have to stand in queues at some point of your day. There’s no reason to get stressed about that because you simply can’t avoid it – make peace with the waiting, focus on the good and your destination will arrive much quicker.


Carrie does yoga at Heceta Head in Oregon
Yoga is a great way to relax

Distraction is also your friend

Keeping your mind busy will also help time move along quicker. So, make sure you watch a film, read a book, play some games – and remember your earphones so you can listen to music when time seems to be at a standstill. If you keep busy, things move faster!”