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Budapest, Europe, is the union of two cities separated by the river Danube, Buda on the left shore and Pest on the right shore, that become one in 1873. Today, Buda is the older, more historical part of the city which has the Buda Castle on top of the hill. Pest, is the more modern and populated part of the city. But they both have great landmarks that are ideal to go and see and enjoy this time of the year by renting Budapest apartments.

Buda Castle
Buda Castle

Buda Castle is a 13th century castle on top of the hill in Buda. Over 700 years have seen it go through many empires and leaders, as well as its total destruction in the 17th century during the Christian invasion. Nowadays, you can go and visit its huge complex where you can find many sculptures, statues, fountains, monuments and even museums in what is now a huge cultural complex that will keep you entertained for nearly a whole day.

It’s surrounding narrow and winding streets also hold many typical Hungarian bars and restaurants where you can have some traditional Hungarian food. Also, from the top of the castle, you have an amazing view of the city of Budapest and the river Danube. Unmissable.

The Szechenyi thermal baths and spa is just one of the many public thermal baths that we can find in Budapest. Here you can enjoy hot water pools, saunas, spa treatments and massages that will let you walk out of the place feeling ten years younger. The architecture of the place is sublime, an early 20th century building with white and yellow colours that was built in Városliget, the city park. Entry prices range from 2900 to 3750 HUF (10€-13€) and you can have a massage for as little as 2800 HUF (10€).

Prices vary depending on the day or the time you go in but I strongly recommend that you go there when the sun has gone down because the feeling of being in a huge warm outside pool with the whole building lit up while you’re relaxing under a spray of water is a sight and a feeling that you will never forget.

Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian Parliament Building

One of the most spectacular buildings in Budapest and probably in the whole of Europe is the Hungarian Parliament Building the Országház in Hungarian. Completed in 1904, this huge building on the shores of the river Danube is not just the home of Parliament but a work of art in the field of architecture. In its majestic outside view we can see the neo-Gothic style and all the sculptures of Hungarian leaders and in the inside we can find the famous sixteen-sided central hall as well as frescoes that cover the walls as well as stained glass and golden decorations everywhere. Words don’t do it justice.

And for something to eat or drink, don’t miss out on Liszt Ferenc tér, a big square and pedestrianised area full of bars and restaurants with all types of food and drink where you can enjoy a deserved break from all the sites in one of the liveliest locations in Budapest.

Budapest is the solution to your search for a destination this Easter so hurry up and rent apartments in Budapest and get ready to discover the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe.

Buda Castle courtesy of Paul C
Hungarian Parliament Building courtesy of Synwell

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